How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    With over four decades of history, M Bar C Construction will continue to cling to the values that shaped our past, and the role they will undoubtedly play throughout the success of our future.

    To say that the last several weeks have been unprecedented times is a vast understatement. As M Bar C Construction has navigated through the COVID-19 pandemic, we have held fast to the foundation that M Bar C was built on, our values. These values have ushered us to where we are today, and it’s with the awareness of these values that we have and will continue to press forward.


    We are a company based on family values that respect one another, our clients, and our vendors.  We are loyal to our relationships that eventually build into friendships. The foundation of our company is based on caring for our family members…”

    We understand that our team members don’t just represent M Bar C, they represent families, homes, and futures. With this understanding, we didn’t hesitate in enacting safety protocols to protect our employees and ultimately their families. From transitioning our office employees from our San Marcos campus to at-home office setups to proving Daily Health Assessment’s and face masks for our field crews, the protection of our team members and the families they represent continues to be the driving force of M Bar C.Covid-19 Construction Safety


    “We have a commitment to performance and excellence with a drive to succeed through hard work, regardless of the situation is positive or negative.”

    With a rich history tracing back to 1975, many of our clients and vendors feel like extensions of us, our own M Bar C family, it’s crucial that they are treated as such. Despite team member geographical shifts or regulation changes, M Bar C team members have remained steadfast in our partnerships with clients and vendors. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 we have strived to maintain our commitments to our partners and our team members. In true M Bar C fashion, we will continue to develop and invest in our partner relationships, current projects, and future plans.

    Our team members remain as an available resource to you and your organization. If you need assistance with a current or upcoming solar or non-solar carport installation, please contact us.


    “Our reputation is built from Quality… We stand behind our reputation of reliability, performance, and quality with pride.  We set the bar higher than the industry standard.”

    Collectively, we are working together to deliver only the utmost quality in structures and installation processes. We won’t falter from continuing to provide the best quality materials, the most skilled team members, and installing industry-recognized structures.


    “As the company continues to grow, we keep an open mind and are willing to accept and embrace change.” 

    In 2019 we reached a new project size record with the 7.5-megawatt Discovery Kingdom Six Flags solar carport project. Additionally, M Bar C’s geographical reach has expanded to the east coast with the installation of the 360-kilowatt Cape Cod Transit Authority solar carport project. With active installations taking place throughout the nation, we recognize the necessity of these projects receiving the required materials and staying on schedule.

    At M Bar C Construction, our teams thrive within a challenge. Challenge ushers our crews and staff into innovation and, our current climate is a leading force for such innovation. Together we are working with onsite crews, project managers, our vendors, and our clients, as we navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic as we continue to grow as an organization and implement creative solutions.


    “We lead by example. We take charge of situations and hold ourselves accountable for all actions, good or bad.”

    Although this current crisis is affecting our entire world and those in it, we are choosing to lead by example. We are choosing to lead by transparent and consistent communication between our teams, our clients, and our vendors.

    4.17.2020 Company AddressWhile many companies are wrestling with effective forms of communication within this crisis, M Bar C Construction has led through setting an industry example through honest communication. Each week, M Bar C President and CEO Jason Ianni has shared weekly updates with our staff members.

    These updates have included details regarding benefits, resources for mental and emotional health support, safety requirements, and current national and local mandate information. Social distancing and safety regulations may require us to be separated in distance, but these weekly updates have allowed our M Bar C staff to remain unified.

    Despite the various aspects of the unknown, together we choose to remain steadfast in our company values. With over four decades of history, M Bar C Construction will continue to cling to the values that shaped our past, and the role they will undoubtedly play throughout the success of our future.