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    The M Bar C Project Process

    As the industry-recognized carport installation leader, we are committed to providing you with the best quality structure solution. As your project process moves forward, transparency and communication are our priorities.

    Our teams are dedicated to you and your project; every step of the way.

    Are you curious about how the project process works at M Bar C Construction? Wondering what the next step is for your project?

    M Bar C Construction has been building carports since 1975. With an always expanding portfolio of shade and carport projects, we are honored to support you in your upcoming installation. Take a sneak peek into the key phases and correlated resources that together pave the path for a successful installation.

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    Chat with an experienced M Bar C Sales Specialist. 

    Our team members will collect project details to ensure we can best serve you and your project within this chat.

    Don’t have all the answers? No problem, we will help you find them.

    Meet our Sales Team

    Getting to know you.

    Your time is valuable, and our priority is to ensure that we provide you with the most efficient and suitable project solution possible.

    With gathered project details, M Bar C sales specialists partner with our estimating team to ensure M Bar C can provide you with the ideal project solution.

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    Time to crunch the numbers.

    We aim to provide accurate, transparent, and well-researched project estimates. We provide strategic and creative approaches to your project to maximize value and efficiency.

    From materials to labor compliance to location-specific seismic, snow, and wind requirements, this stage provides the foundation for the successful installation of your structure.

    After estimating processes are completed, you are provided a final proposal that will clearly explain structure details, available options, project scope, and costs.

    Together, we build a better future.

    After choosing to proceed with M Bar C Construction, you are ready to meet the project advocate, your M Bar C Project Manager.

    Together, the Project Manager and you will bring your project to reality through the design process. Your project manager will walk with you throughout all phases of construction preparation and activities to complete your project on time and within budget.

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    A great project is made successful by a solid contract.

    M Bar C Construction offers various contract approaches to best fit the needs of you and your project. We can provide various mutually agreeable contract options for signature, or we can review and execute your preferred document.

    With a project start date in mind, our contract process is quick and easy and driven by mutual collaboration because we know the sooner your structure is done, the sooner you benefit.

    M Bar C field crew team members are on site.

    Mobilization Day is an exciting time for your project! You and your Project Management Team have been working to drive towards day one of construction on your project, and it’s finally here!

    Our crew has years of combined experience, and our safety practices are industry-recognized and highly awarded, ensuring that your project goes off without a hitch.

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    Your structure is standing strong and built to last.

    With your completed project in place, your installed carport or shade structure can protect you from the elements while providing safety for property visitors and renewable solar energy.

    Your completed structure meets overall site goals and is a tangible example to the surrounding community that you and your organization are building a better future today.