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    M Bar C Construction’s 2022 Experience Modification Rate (EMR) is .69, making it the lowest EMR in its history. This rating is a direct reflection of the constant vigilance and commitment to the safety of each M Bar C team member.


    What is an Experience Modification Rate?

    EMR, or Experience Modification Rating (also known as Mod-Factor or Mod-Rating), is a calculation used by insurance firms to price the cost of workers’ compensation premiums. The rating considers various factors, such as the number of on-job accidents, injury costs, and claims history. An accurately calculated EMR total predicts the likelihood of future accidents or liabilities based on a company’s known history. Carport Installation Field Crew

    The industry-recognized average EMR is 1.0. An EMR rating of 1.0 indicates that a contractor is no more and no less risky than other contractors with identical EMRs.

    That said, an EMR rating under 1.0 is considered good, above the industry average, or relatively safe. Conversely, if an EMR rating is above 1.0, it indicates a riskier contractor.


    According to Workers Compensation Consultants, an EMR for a prime contractor is considered:

    •       Superior – with a rate of .7 or below
    •       Acceptable – with a rate of .7 to 1.0
    •       Sub-Standard – with a rate greater than 1.0


    What makes M Bar C Construction’s Experience Modification Rate low?

    Safety has always been at the forefront of all M Bar C processes. With a staff of around 100 team members, it is our highest priority that each M Bar C employee returns safely to their family at the close of each project. 

    M Bar C Construction has been incident free for over 1050 days. Justin Bailey, who heads the M Bar C Safety Program, shared, “Our superior safety rating is due to exceptional team members and extensive safety training M Bar C provides. Our training covers all safety aspects and prepares team members for any risks they might face.”

    Justin goes on to explain; 

    The EMR calculation is the same calculation used for construction companies nationwide. As a relatively small company, it takes only one accident to significantly impact M Bar C’s EMR rating. This superior EMR is a testament to M Bar C’s dedication to safety.”


     Why does a low EMR matter?Safety Program

    Before partnering with a potential contractor, the contractor’s EMR score is one of the first assessed items. An EMR score allows potential partners insight into a company’s past safety history, predicting future safety. A low EMR score can often signal the start of a successful contractor partnership or, in the case of a high EMR score, the end of a contractor partnership.

    A low EMR indicates that a company is likelier to be a safe project partner. Project efficiency depends on a site’s ability to stay safe. When accidents take place, not only are team members injured, site productivity drops, and project costs increase. Additionally, a low EMR score benefits contractor partners by reducing insurance costs, reflected in lower overall project costs.

    Most importantly, a low EMR score shows a company’s integrity and commitment to the safety of its employees. Within M Bar C Construction’s company values, it states;  

    The foundation of our company is based on caring for our family members by providing a safe work environment, financial stability, and honoring our relationships in times of need.” 

    For M Bar C Construction, the commitment to safety is at the core of our organization. We are proud to see this commitment reflected in the superior Experience Modification Rate of .69.