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    The following terms are commonly utilized throughout the industry and within M Bar C Constructions’ scope of work. 

    Glossary Key Terms


    A means of protection against the non-performance of the contractor. They are an undertaking by a bondsman or surety to make a payment to the client in the event of non-performance of the contractor.


    Columns are vertical compression members that span from substructure to superstructure and have a vital role in transferring load from the top of the structure to the foundation.


    Removing incidental water from footings or surfaces. This could include naturally-occuring groundwater, rainwater- or any other seepage that is naturally occuring.


    ( Division of State Architect) is a state-level government entity that provides design and construction oversight for K–12 schools, community colleges, and various other state-owned and state-leased facilities to ensure that they comply with all structural, accessibility, and fire and life safety codes.


    A vertical pipe used to drain rainwater from a roof.

    Galvanized Steel

    A manufacturing process where a coating of zinc is applied to steel or iron to offer protection and prevent rusting.

    Geotechnical Report

    Is the summary of a geotechnical investigation – an analysis of soil conditions at the site of a proposed building. Safety is a soils report’s primary aim. It’s achieved by finding dangerous soil conditions and recommending design along with means and methods suggestions that address them. Although Geotechnical reports are helpful, they are not an exact science.


    A footing is a part of the foundation construction for a building, creating an attachment point between the foundation and the soil.

    Heavy Gauge Steel

    Structural steel is hot rolled, and once hardened it becomes incredibly strong. Structural steel is used in heavy duty construction projects such as multi-story buildings, bridges and industrial plants. Its strength and flexibility allow it to withstand moderate seismic activity, heavy traffic loads and high winds.


    HSS (Hollow Structural Section) is a cold-formed, welded steel tube used for welded or bolted building construction, bridges, and other structures and manufactured products. It is made in square, rectangular, and round shapes.

    ITC Benefits

    Investment Tax Credit. Solar projects may qualify for this credit. Project owner should consult with their tax advisor/accountant. Current Federal ITC for solar projects is 26% through the end of 2023, at which point will step down to a lower percentage

    Light Gauge Steel

    Light gauge supports come in a galvanized finish of zinc, or a combination of the two. For this construction process, a load-bearing wall is constructed first, then interior partitions and exterior cladding follow.Light gauge is most commonly used in residential or light commercial construction as an alternative to wood framing.


    Involves developing a schedule that includes the sequencing of construction activities… The phasing plan should be developed during project design. Disturbed areas in one phase should be stabilized before disturbing subsequent phases.

    Prevailing Wage

    The basic hourly rate paid on public works projects to a majority of workers engaged in a particular craft, classification or type of work within the locality and in the nearest labor market area


    typically refers to roof framing members that span parallel to the building eave, and support the roof decking or sheathing.

    Roof Decking

    The roof deck is the metal sheeting (typically corrugated or standing seam)that connects on top of the purlins. On most solar projects, roof decking is not required however it can be used. Additional racking would be required to support the solar panels

    Site Walk

    In order to ensure your construction documents (CDs) are accurate, you have to see the site in person first and take copious measurements that leave no room for error.

    SMART Incentives

    We use incentives to achieve our community’s economic development goals.

    Tube Steel

    In structural engineering, the HSS (Hollow Structural Section) tube is a system where, to resist lateral loads (wind, seismic, impact), a building is designed to act like a hollow cylinder, cantilevered perpendicular to the ground

    Water Management

    Water management is a broad term that generally refers to the control and movement of water resources in a manner designed to reduce damage to life and property and to increase beneficial use based on efficient practices.

    Water Mitigation

    Building plans should include waterproofing designs to all roofs, foundations, windows, doors, gutters, and drainage systems and specify the types of flashing, waterproofing components, moisture barriers and retarders to be used. Construction materials vary in their susceptibility to water damage.

    Wide Flange

    Wide-Flange (WF) beam. An H-shaped beam with wider flanges than an I beam. A wide-flange section is almost square in cross-section and is excellent for building columns. The flange has a slight taper. Also called an H beam.

    Glossary Acronyms


    Rough Order Magnitude


    Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) are governmental or non-governmental entities responsible for enforcing building codes, fire codes, and other regulations in a given jurisdiction.


    Inspector of Record


    Design Professional General Responsibility


    Structural Engineer of Record


    Electrical Engineer of Record


    Arhcitect of Record

    Davis Bacon

    Wage determination for specified trades working on a Federal project, not prevailing wage.

    Mill Run

    Time at which steel is procured specifically for a project. When the steel mill will run the product to our design specifications.


    American Disability Act – Depending on the AHJ, Handicapped parking stalls may be required to be covered or other upgrades done to the building or parking lot to comply.

    Marine Grade Paint

    Paint used in a marine environment. HDG should be considered however some will prefer paint for aesthetic reasons when within 5 miles of the coast

    Obstruction drilling

    When drilling encounters conditions that might not be shown on a soils report. Typically can be rocks or other items if fill dirt.


    Scope of Work


    Value Engineering

    Landscape Orientation

    Orientation of the panel on the structure

    Portrait Orientation

    Same as above however portrait should be considered as the design choice for VE reasons