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    As solar incentives develop, the demand for east coast solar carport installation is apparent and M Bar C has the solution.

    East Coast Solar Carport

    Cape Cod Transit Authority Solar Carport

    The future of solar is an exciting topic, especially in 2020. The reduction of tariffs has significantly increased the popularity and has spiked interests in renewable energy solutions such as east coast solar carport installations. This is great news not only for the industry but for M Bar C Construction as an ever-growing organization.

    M Bar C currently focuses most of its efforts on West Coast solar carports, completing major projects like Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and the San Diego International Airport. With these new market trends come new opportunities, especially for a company looking to expand and diversify, east coast solar carport installation has become a major facet of M Bar C Construction.

    East coast solar carport opportunities and M Bar C Construction

    The East Coast solar carport market is a whole new ball game and could mean a new strategy for M Bar C Construction. Director of Estimating, Jordan Saddington, explains,

    “Expansion is great. Anytime we can diversify marketplaces and have additional market share geographically is always a huge benefit. Moving into the North East, there are so many great incentives out there for clients. It is a wonderful opportunity for us. It’s a new territory, new authorities having jurisdiction, new labor, new subs, new vendors, and it’s exciting to branch off into a new marketplace. Our presence and expertise are needed, and we are here to take on that challenge.”

    In February, the M Bar C Construction sales and marketing team boarded a flight to the East Coast and attended Solar Power International North East. Although the team travels to many tradeshows throughout the


    Solar Power North East Team, February 2020

    year, this show turned out a bit differently than they expected, especially compared to previous years. Not only is the demand for solar growth, but the demand for commercial east coast solar carports specifically is tremendous. When asked about why the market has shifted, and why this tradeshow was more beneficial than years prior, Erik Krivokopich, Vice President of Business Development explained,

    “I believe the federal tax incentive downturn sparked a little more interest and a higher level of conversation in 2020 than it did in 2019. Foot traffic was a little bit slower in 2019 due to the level of complacency in the solar industry. People were hopeful that the downturn wasn’t going to happen and that there was plenty of time to re-up that incentive. Once they saw that downturn first-hand, I think it sparked a level of interest and almost a certain level of anxiety-like, is this really going to happen? If so, we better start getting active. And so, that’s what happened in 2019 versus 2020.”

    What Makes M Bar C the industry leader for east coast solar carport installation?

    With an M Bar C Construction East Coast Branch located just outside of Boston, the team could not be more excited to continue to expand across the country. It is evident that East Coast solar carport opportunities are on the rise and M Bar C is here to show the industry how it’s done. Why choose M Bar C? Although the list could go on and on, there are a few hot points that make us stand out from the rest.

    When asked what makes M Bar C different than competitors on the East Coast, Erik explained,

    East Coast Team

    M Bar C East Coast Team, February 2020

    “What makes us different from our competition is that we’re vertically integrated. We self-perform all our work, from engineering to installation. Many of our competitors will supply materials and subcontract out to install, but we don’t do that. There is a lot more ownership in what we do and how we build, and with that comes a higher belief in our warranty. We have a solid workmanship warranty. We’re going to go out and fix it if we make a mistake and its not a subcontractor trying to put their name behind it.”

    We are thankful to already have healthy relationships with powerhouse companies like Solect Energy as we make this geographical transition. In 2017, M Bar C partnered with Solect Energy in the completion of the 360-kilowatt Cape Cod Transit Authority solar carport project. With our foot already in the door, we are excited to conquer the East Coast and take on new opportunities.

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