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    About Us


    Family-owned and operated, M Bar C Construction, Inc. was established in 2005 out of M Bar C Carports.

    M Bar C Construction serves the increasing demands of commercial, government, and industrial customers. The company has been installing carports since 1975 and solar structures since 1997. Our expertise and experience directly reflect the passionate commitment to quality and performance our customers demand.

    About Us


    M Bar C Construction provides an ultra-reliable carport solution for general contractors, corporate divisions, and government entities working on large-scale projects.

    Using light and heavy gauge structural steel, we can incorporate solar efficiency into parking lot canopies, fixed and tracker system parking structure canopies, and ground-mounted units. Our solutions are designed to be highly cost-efficient, not only for your current design but for the long-term needs of your customer. Our team can also provide designs for your projects. From economical pre-fab industrial designs to highly aesthetic (and award-winning) custom structures, we can meet your unique demands.

    M Bar C Construction is licensed and compliant with Cal/OSHA safety programs and prevailing wage jobs. M Bar C Construction, Inc. is licensed by the California CSLB (Contractors State License Board), CSLB # is 869960, Located in San Marcos, California. M Bar C Construction serves the entire United States.


    • Tailored to meet your needs: Ninety percent of our structures are design-build. Therefore, we can meet your company’s structural installation needs, large or small, and provide plans and engineering when needed. In addition, M Bar C is bonding capable.
    • Large scale installation: With over 3.9 million square feet of structures installed annually, our multiple crews can quickly and efficiently handle large construction projects with tight schedules promptly and efficiently.
    • Division of the State Architect (DSA): M Bar C is a leader in installing DSA structures. M Bar C installed shade and and solar structures are found at hundreds of schools and colleges throughout California.
    • Trained: Our crews are fully trained and certified for all types of installations, site procedures, safety, and equipment operations. Workforce personnel abides by M Bar C standards, which include full compliance with Cal/OSHA.

    Our Vision


    M Bar C Construction is a world-class contractor.

    Our professional reputation means dedication to superior innovative products, safe quality production, recognizable showpieces, and unconventional solutions to industry challenges.

    This is achieved by having an enjoyable family work environment that provides growth and development of every team member. Our number one priority is to strengthen our business relationships through integrity and unparalleled service.

    Our Values

    With over four decades of industry-recognized carport and shade installation, M Bar C Construction’s functions are rooted in Values.

    M Bar C Values Family

    We are a company based on Family values that respects one another, our clients, and our vendors. We are loyal to our relationships that eventually build into friendships. The foundation of our company is based on caring for our family members by providing a safe work environment, financial stability and honoring our relationships in times of need.

    M Bar C Values Integrity

    We define Integrity as always doing what is right even in tough situations. Trusting that we will always be honest and do what is best for our family members and clients. We always uphold the company values and ethics.

    M Bar C Values Commitment

    We have a Commitment to performance and excellence with a drive to succeed through hard work, regardless if the situation is positive or negative. Our clients can depend on us to get the job done in a safe and effective manner. We will not quit when the going gets tough. We will strive to go above and beyond what is expected.

    M Bar C Value Quality

    Our reputation is built from Quality. We build the best product, provide the best service and deliver what is promised. Our work ethic and end product are what makes our family members proud. They take ownership in their work and performance.  We stand behind our reputation of reliability, performance and quality with pride. We set the bar higher than the industry standard.

    M Bar C Value Grow

    As the company continues to Grow we keep an open mind and are willing to accept and embrace change. Staying humble and never becoming complacent will allow us to find and learn about new opportunities and share in the knowledge to allow for safe stable growth.

    M Bar C Value Lead

    We Lead by example. We take charge of situations and hold ourselves accountable for all actions, good or bad. We teach members and explain why, instead of directing, so family members can have a better understanding of our product and can take ownership in what they do for the company.