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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    Frequently asked questions can be directed to our team members, who will collect project details to ensure we can best serve you and your project within this chat. 

    Questions about M Bar C Construction

    Why should I work with M Bar C Construction?

    Unlike our competitors, we don’t subcontract out our structures to be installed by outside companies that you don’t know. You can trust that M Bar C team members are committed to your project every step of the way; from estimating to installation, your project is completed in-house, increasing project accuracy, quality, and overall efficiency.

    Our Quality Assurance services are one of the many resources that make our project support unique. This additional support ensures that your project experiences the highest possible return on investment.

    M Bar C is proud of our award-winning safety program and industry-recognized safety processes. Our safety training program is followed through every step, thus increasing site productivity and reducing overall costs.

    What products & services does M Bar C Construction provide?
    With over four decades of carport experience, M Bar C Construction is the strength between the sun and shade. We provide project support from custom design to estimating, steel and panel installation…and everything in between.

    We provide innovative and high-quality project design and installation solutions for solar and non-solar carports, DSA-approved shade structures, repair services, ground mount, rooftop solar systems, fabric shade canopies, and awnings.

    M Bar C Construction also provides EPC services to the right end client. Availability for EPC support is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

    My project has extra challenges, how can M Bar C support me?
    Never fear; collectively our team members represent over 600 combined years of construction experience! With that kind of experience, it’s safe to say we’ve seen it all, and we are eager to provide a tailored solution to even the most challenging of sites.

    We provide dedicated and specialized support that will sort through every detail of your site in correlation to your project goals; from extreme temperatures to geographical challenges, to urban area traffic to limited space concerns, we’ve found the solutions before and we will find solutions time and time again.

    What areas does M Bar C serve?

    For the right project, we can go anywhere within the United States. We primarily serve the western and northeastern parts of the United States. Curious how far our projects have taken us? Please take a moment to check out our Project Map to learn more.

    * Unfortunately, at this time, M Bar C Construction is not entertaining international projects.

    How does safety effect my project?
    Accidents are costly, and it is our highest priority to ensure they don’t happen.

    We have created an award-winning and industry-recognized safety program. We utilize site safety audits, company-wide accountability practices, extensive education, and training to provide the best possible safety program. Through the vigilance and dedication of M Bar C team members; M Bar C Construction is proud to have an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) of .83 (2021).

    Solar Carports vs. Roof-Top/Ground Mount System/ Why Solar Carports?
    Unlike ground mount solar systems, solar carports maximize solar output while allowing users and facilities to utilize the valuable space underneath solar carports for necessary parking.

    Rooftop systems often require substantial roof repairs and upgrades necessary for a rooftop solar system to be installed. As solar carports prove to be a valuable and effective renewable energy solution, states like Massachusetts offer incentives for solar canopies versus rooftop or ground mount installations.

    How does M Bar C's design build support benefit my project?
    Our goal is to provide you the best possible solution for your site; our teams assess every aspect of your site to ensure maximum quality meets cost-efficiency.

    M Bar C installs over 5 million sq. feet of steel structures per year; with that expertise comes the confidence in our teams strategically providing customized structure solutions tailored to your needs.

    Design and Installation Questions

    When should heavy gauge steel or light gauge steel be used?
    Sites with conditions such as a heavy snow load, high wind conditions, or elevated seismic activity area are best suited for wide flange and HSS tube steel structure solutions. While other sites, with fewer environmental challenges, are suited for light-gauge structures.

    When creating your project solution, M Bar C team members will consider site specifics in effort to provide the best-cost solution for your site.

    How do you determine foundation requirements?
    After four decades of installation experience, M Bar C can assume standard soil conditions in most areas, but accurate footing depth can be verified/validated with a geotechnical report.
    Do I need a DSA approved structure? (CA Only)
    DSA applies to only California state site buildings and public schools. If this applies, never fear; M Bar C Construction is proud to offer an extensive portfolio of DSA Pre-Check approved structure solutions. By using M Bar C’s DSA Pre-Check, you can be on-site in a fraction of the time while benefiting from a design that has proven itself time and time again.
    Can I buy a carport/shade kit from M Bar C and install it myself?
    At this time, M Bar C does not offer a kit solution. M Bar C Construction is committed to providing only the highest quality structures. With that in mind, each structure is custom designed for the site-specific needs of a project.
    Can you support a single-family residential solar project?
    M Bar C Construction performs on commercial, industrial, multi-family, and federal projects. We are currently not a single-family residential solar solution
    How are snow loads, wind limits and seismic requirements determined?
    During the initial stages of project inception, the site address is researched online and further clarified through the Authority Having Jurisdiction when appropriate. In an effort to provide you the highest quality and safest structure solution, applicable hazards are considered by location and are site-specific.
    What water management options are available?
    M Bar C Construction provides alternate water management solutions such as decking, downspouts, integrated drainage, snow and ice guards.
    How does installation scheduling work?
    Installation scheduling begins in preconstruction with end-client expectations and overall realistic project goals.  Scheduling considers site logistics, phasing, occupancy, material procurement, resource loading, and other applicable project requirements. In correlation you’re your project goals, timelines and scheduling will be regularly addressed throughout the process.

    Cost & Financing Questions


    What information do I need to provide to get a project quote?
    Let’s keep it simple and begin here;

    Project Qualification Form

    Quote Request

    How does project financing work?
    With a rich history of successful project partnerships with private facilities, non-profits, and limited liability corporations, we are experienced in navigating various fiscal challenges and limitations.

    M Bar C Construction will provide you with multiple financing options, from tax benefits to project financing opportunities. We partner with long-standing and experienced financing firms to help you finance your system.

    How can M Bar C help me meet budget?
    M Bar C team members utilize their expertise to provide support to meet your project goals while minimizing costs and maximizing your investment. As your project process begins, allow M Bar C the opportunity to be the professionals that we are as we partner with you in creating the best structure solution within your budget.
    How much do carports cost? What is your price per watt?
    One of M Bar C Construction’s values is integrity. With that commitment in mind, we believe that general price per watt estimates are often misleading. Because of this, we choose to provide only accurate and honest project pricing is based on site specifics, end-user goals, and panel selection.
    What are cost drivers for carports?
    Standard cost-drivers range from column location requirements (if any), tilt, material requirements, aesthetic requirements, structure finish selection, soil (can be defined through a soils report), and other site-specific design conditions (snow load, high wind requirements, seismic, etc.)

    M Bar C team members expertly assess all relevant details and qualify project specifics customized to your end client and site requirements. (When applicable; not applicable to DSA-PC jobs).

    What state and federal tax incentives might be available?
    Tax incentives for solar installations range from state to state. Curious about what tax incentives might apply to your project? Check out the below links for more information:

    Policies & Incentives by State Database

    Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA): Solar Investment Tax Credit Fact Sheet

    Guide to the Federal Investment Tax Credit for Commercial Solar Photovoltaics

    *Please note that although we are the carport and shade experts at M Bar C Construction, we aren’t tax advisors. We strongly encourage you to reach out to a tax professional for further information regarding tax incentives

    When can I expect pricing back?
    Pricing is site-dependent and depending on project specifics and the information provided, pricing typically takes 5 business days (on-grade structures). Although, parking decks or specialized projects can take anywhere from 3-4 weeks.