How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    Justin Bailey

    From his service in the Army to working at an auto body shop to the construction industry, Justin Bailey’s professional history has created a solid foundation for his future growth at M Bar C Construction.

    Previously serving in the Army as Military Police, Justin Bailey transitioned from his Army service to working in his family’s automobile body shop. When the time came for the body-shop to close, Justin began seeking a new career opportunity. At the encouragement of (then recently hired) Neil Bradley, Justin learned of a possible job opportunity at M Bar C Construction. In March 2012, Justin Bailey began his employment at M Bar C Construction as a Field Laborer. In 2014, he transitioned to Site Foreman. Today, Justin Bailey leads our industry-recognized Safety Program as M Bar C Construction Safety Manager.

    Next Steps at M Bar C

    Although new to the construction industry, Justin Bailey proved himself eager to learn, hungry for a challenge, and determined to grow. Starting as a field laborer in 2012 to transitioning to a site foreman in 2014, Justin reported to the field every day. For Justin, his connection to the construction industry seemed natural while allowing him the freedom to grow and develop new skills. Justin’s field project history list spans throughout California, from Escondido Charter High School to the innovative design of FAA Tracon. Justin’s years in the field provided him an unshakeable commitment to the field and the team members that construct M Bar C structures. After four years working in the field, Justin experienced a life shift, which called him to investigate his opportunities at M Bar C within a different scope:

    “I found myself looking for something more. I loved working in the field alongside our field teams, but I was wanting to transition into the office. I was married with two kids. When I was in the field, there were times where I was traveling to various sites, and gone for days, my wife felt like a ‘single mom’. We knew we needed to figure something out, so I went to college and earned my associates in Construction Management while still working full time.”  

    When the Safety Manager position arose at M Bar C Construction, Justin’s name came up multiple times as the natural choice. The shift to M Bar C Safety Manager provided Justin and his family provided Justin and his family some stability, while also allowing him the opportunity to expand his professional abilities. Justin quickly observed the differences between his field positions, founded in tactical and physical demands compared to the requirements of an office position driven by administrative and strategic demands. Additionally, Justin credits his military training for his knack to think quickly within crisis management, a necessity within his role as Safety Manager.

    “When accidents would happen, I’ve discovered that while others might panic within these situations, I am able to stay calm. My military training laid the groundwork for me staying calm, having a clear direction, and knowing the next steps, despite the chaos of the situation.”

    Rising to the Challenge

    Little did Justin know his ability to manage teams through crisis would prove to be a more powerful asset than he could have imagined. In March 2020, Justin was faced with a completely new safety concern to manage, the COVID-19 pandemic. The challenges that came with the unknown of COVID-19 launched Justin

    into crisis management.  Justin explained:

    “When you are challenged in life, you have to take the bull by the horns. Everyone’s job is hard at one point, everyone faces a challenge from time to time. But For me, choosing to take on the most aggressive safety approach to the COVID-19 pandemic was necessary. It was necessary because of the commitment I have to my job, but more so it was necessary that I was doing everything in my power to keep our teams healthy, still working, and safely returning home to their families”

    Justin’s diligence to safely navigating M Bar C Construction through the COVID-19 pandemic is widely recognized throughout the industry. The implementation and creation of M Bar C’s Daily Health Assessment provided additional protection for team members while also providing an example and powerful COVID-19 safety tool for organizations seeking additional COVID-19 safety processes.

    At the helm of Justin Bailey, the M Bar C Safety Program has thrived. M Bar C has been recognized for safety excellence through various highly regarded safety awards such as the 2019 AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award and the 2019 ABC Platinum Safety Award. Most importantly, our onsite safety records clearly portray the company-wide commitment to safety. Justin’s efforts as Safety Manager are recognized throughout the organization and his passion for his job is contagious for those around him. Jason Ianni, M Bar C Construction CEO and President explained the impact Justin has had at M Bar C:

    “Justin has impacted M Bar C with his dedication to the Values.  He believes in them and embraces them.  I have gotten to know his family and am proud to call him a part of the M Bar C family as well.   I love that he has the mindset to hold everyone accountable including me.  That is honorable and impressive to me.  He comes from working in the field to moving into his new position as Safety Manager thus giving him the ability to relate to the work force we have and ensure that they can go home safe to their families.  He knows how to build our products and he incorporates safe practices to get the job done while being safe. He has the ability to work in many roles within M Bar C demonstrating growth and leadership. Additionally, Justin is a pleasure to have around with his constant positive attitude and his desire to make work an enjoyable fun experience. “

    Growing up with M Bar C

    In 2020, the M Bar C Safety Program is set to commission an on-campus safety training site. This safety training facility will provide M Bar C crews the ability to participate in tangible and site mirroring safety training. This safety training site will allow team members to become more educated in the safety processes that are required at every M Bar C carport site.

    Justin Bailey

    When Justin isn’t at work, you can find him and his family loading up their trailer, heading off to their next camping adventure. Justin prides himself as a skilled BBQ griller and enjoys grilling for not only his family but also for our M Bar C crews. Looking back at his eight-year employment, Justin feels as though he has “grown-up” while working at M Bar C Construction:

    “When I first started working at M Bar C I was a young man with a wife. I have since grown into a family man with 3 children of my own. I have learned to be wiser with decision making, patient with my success, and realizing the big picture in most situations. The opportunities M Bar C Construction has given me access to has allowed me to develop professionally but has also allowed the future of my family to develop as well.”

    Justin Bailey believes that M Bar C Construction provides him the opportunity to constantly improve and expand upon his skills. Although his role as Safety Manager has become second nature to him, Justin acknowledges that his commitment to his job is not confined to a specific job title. Justin’s driving force is to exceed in any role he is trusted with and he is eager to see where his future at M Bar C takes him.