How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    3 Ways M Bar C is incorporating essential worker safety and encouraging company-wide health through the COVID-19 pandemic.

    With the American COVID-19 pandemic reaching new highs mid-March 2020, the nation was bombarded with new safety regulations, restrictions and vast cultural shifts. In accordance with CDC regulations and government ordinances, businesses across the country were forced to close or completely shift their business model and practices within days and sometimes within only hours of regulation notice. From industry to industry necessary safety processes have been put in place to protect essential workers. M Bar C Construction is no different. With construction declared an essential industry, protecting our crew’s health has become a major driving force in today’s current business model.

    Justin Bailey

    Justin Bailey, Safety Training, 2019

    In early March, M Bar C Construction Safety Manager, Justin Bailey took note of the increased possibility of an impending COVID-19 threat.

    “Maybe I’m a conspiracy theorist, prior to national regulations coming into effect, I had a feeling that COVID-19 was going to drastically shift the way our organization was functioning. I began ordering extra N-95 Masks, latex gloves, additional water and hand sanitizer, and extra safety gear. At the time I hoped that I was acting out of being overly cautious, but it turned out that COVID-19 proved to be as impactful, if not more impactful than even I had imagined.”

    Justin and his teams have been a powerful force behind increased essential worker safety and CDC guideline implementation throughout our field crews. Along with M Bar C, we understand that industry-wide, our partners are taking huge leaps towards protecting their essential crews. Here are some of the ways M Bar C safety teams and leadership are setting an example for construction industry health and safety regulations.

    Frequent Communication

    Justin partnered with M Bar C Construction President and CEO, Jason Ianni and additional organization leaders introducing various platforms for regular communication between field teams and organizational staff. Utilizing conference call platforms with dozens of attendees such as foremen and executive staff members, our field teams were able to engage in a forum that allowed them immediate access to additional essential worker safety information.

    M Bar C Construction has also committed to weekly staff-wide letters that communicate current safety regulations, mental and physical well-being tools, benefits resources, and other applicable company updates. Justin shared, “Our leadership team has been active on what new regulations are being enacted, what’s changing and how are we adapting. M Bar C Construction has been diligent in developing companywide safety practices that meet government and CDC regulations.”

    Daily Health Assessments

    As Construction has been declared an essential industry, individuals within this industry recognize their deep significance to our economy. Still, there is an understanding that although these workers are essential to their industry, their continued individual health and safety are essential to the future success of our organization. M Bar C Construction implemented a Daily Health Assessment Form that team members complete when reporting to the site each day.

    This form provides team members with a clear guideline for what to look out for within their individual health prior to engaging at a worksite. This Daily Health Assessment limits confusion as to what is considered healthy while also protecting our essential workers from possible exposure. Additionally, this assessment provides tangible accountability for not just the individuals health but for the health of the entire team and those that lead them. Justin explained,

    “Ultimately our team members understand that they are essential workers, but they are also aware of the reality of COVID-19 and the risk that it holds. We wanted to create an opportunity for them to protect not just themselves but also their families, without feeling the pressure of making the decision themselves on whether they should report for work. This form provides them a clear and concise line in the sand about whether or not our team members are safe to be on-site each day.”

    Work to Home Transitions

    Our innovative teams began implementing additional essential worker safety practices such as increased sanitization and protective facemasks prior to these processes becoming CDC mandate. From purchasing additional hand sanitizer from local distilleries to providing additional safety tips and measures, M Bar C teams have been extremely intentional in meeting, if not exceeding, current COVID-19 essential worker safety regulations and standards. M Bar C field crews have also been encouraged to engage in additional steps to protect their families as they transition from the field to their homes such as:

    • Before entering your home, utilize hand sanitizer.
    • Prior to entering your home, disinfect your phone.
    • Upon returning home, if available, utilize a garage to remove shoes and clothing prior to entering the home. Place items directly into a washing machine for immediate cleaning.
    • Leave any work items such as tools, bags or lunch totes outside the home in a safe, locked and designated location.
    • Shower and change into clean clothing immediately upon returning home from work.
    • Refrain from engaging with family members or individuals within the home prior to showering and changing into clean, unexposed clothing.
    • Wash all Tupperware or dishware used outside the home as soon as possible. Refrain from allowing unwashed items from the day to be exposed to family members or individuals within the home.
    • After each use, and/or possible exposure, sanitize bank and credit cards.

    Regardless of industry, location, creed, gender or race, the challenges that have come with COVID-19 have affected us all. Nevertheless, unity has developed as we together we are discovering how to protect ourselves, each other and our families as we navigate through COVID-19. If you or your organization could utilize further essential worker safety resources, please feel free to download and utilize the Health Assessment Form that M Bar C has created for our essential workers. Despite the isolation that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that we brave this challenge together, and together we will rise through this.