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    Within an ever-expanding industry, M Bar C still stands above the rest. Here are 5 reasons to choose M Bar C to partner with you and your organization as we build a better future today.

    M Bar C Construction has been building superior solar and shade structures for over four decades. Vertically integrated with Structural and Renewable Divisions, we provide experienced in-house design, engineering, and installation services, reducing the multi-layer communications and unnecessary markups for our clients. We are widely known for efficient project management, meeting deadlines, and satisfying clients. As the reach of solar and non-solar carport installations expand nationwide, M Bar C Construction remains an industry leader in this rapidly developing industry. Just what makes us so different than the others? Here are 5 reasons to choose M Bar C to partner with you and your organization as together we build a better future today.

    M Bar C Quality

    M Bar C Construction is often considered the first choice in contractors because of our dedication to our values and our dedication to quality. We are a family-owned company, which is why treating those we work with like family is second nature to us. M Bar C believes in providing quality service, which means treating our vendors and clients as family and developing trust through our communication and commitment to excellence.

    M Bar C Construction does not compromise when it comes to quality, we believe in doing everything that is necessary to meet the needs and expectations of our clients. From large construction projects to smaller renewable energy projects, we provide the best products and services. Since 1975, M Bar C has continued to satisfy large and small companies with exceptional service and stunning final projects. Our products are of lasting quality that makes a bold impression and is memorable. Let us show you our dedication to quality on your next project.

    Exceeding Safety StandardsSafety Program

    First and foremost, safety is our number one priority. M Bar C Construction’s Safety Program earned two recognized safety awards in 2019, the 2019 AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award & 2019 ABC Platinum Safety Award.

    With a plan for further development and growth, the M Bar C Safety Program is set to thrive throughout 2020. The development of an office-specific safety program will create a pulse of safety that will reach all departments of M Bar C. Additionally, M Bar C will also be installing a true to site example of a structure, on the M Bar C campus. This structure will be utilized for first-hand training, process development, and safety initiatives for every field worker we employ. Our extensive safety training protects M Bar C team members while maintaining the efficiency and timeliness of your project.

    Proven Excellence

    With a rich history of commercial carport installation, M Bar C is the number one choice for your carport project. No obstacle is too big for M Bar C. We have worked on some of the largest carport projects in the nation and continue to raise the bar.

    With a project portfolio as impressive as ours, choosing M Bar C Construction should be an obvious decision. Here are just a few of our noteworthy projects that M Bar C has completed:

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom – M Bar C Construction had the opportunity to team up with Borrego Solar Systems and sPower to complete one of the largest solar carport projects in the nation, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The solar carports that span the vast expanse of parking at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is now filled with 7.5 megawatts of solar carports. These carports represent 11.9 million kilowatt-hours of energy annually and will account for 80% of the park’s energy use.

    Cape Cod Transit – With an M Bar C Construction East Coast Branch located just outside of Boston, the team could not be more excited to continue to expand across the country. Last year, M Bar C partnered with Solect Energy in the completion of the 360-kilowatt Cape Cod Transit Authority solar carport project.

    Save A Life FoundationCommunity Driven

    M Bar C Construction takes pride in being involved with our community. The Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation is an organization that provides free heart screenings to schools throughout San Diego County to prevent sudden cardiac arrest in young athletes that did not know they had underlying heart conditions. Through their efforts, they have provided heart screenings for 34,121 students. These screenings have discovered 527 cardiac abnormalities and 236 teens at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. M Bar C Construction partnered with the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation in donating approximately 75 lifesaving AED’s throughout Southern California schools, and will continue to donate more over the next year. Our employees are also active volunteers at all the free heart screening events.


    M Bar C Commitment

    We are committed to partnering with you and your project from start to finish.

    When asked what makes M Bar C different than our competitors, Erik Krivokopich, Vice President of Business Development, explained, “What makes us different from our competition is that we’re vertically integrated. We self-perform all our work, from engineering to installation. Many of our competitors will supply materials and subcontract out to install, but we do not do that. There is a lot more ownership in what we do and how we build, and with that comes a higher belief in our warranty. We have a solid workmanship warranty. We’re going to go out and fix it if we make a mistake and it is not a subcontractor trying to put their name behind it.”