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    M Bar C Construction’s new carefully curated Yeti Structure prevents avalanches by creating a mini wall across the lower base of the decking.

    Throughout the nation, the demand for solar energy has reached record-breaking heights. Thanks to generous benefits and tax credits available to residential and commercial solar users, the benefits of solar installation are undisputable. Solar energy is a renewable energy source staple that saves businesses money while simultaneously contributing to a cleaner and healthier future. As a result, solar energy growth has become especially apparent throughout the East Coast.

    East Snow is the quintessential aspect of the winter season on the upper East Coast. Although solar energy solutions are necessary, a solar installation can also provide a challenge without carefully addressed site specifics. Solar panels are made of primary glass, creating a slippery slope for melting snow and a possibly dangerous environment for the buildings, cars, or people beneath them. With the typical weight of snow on a solar panel is between 25 -50 pounds per square foot, the impact of melting snow carries significant risk. Unfortunately, solar avalanches are so common that Alternative Energy Magazine has created its hashtag for the event, #Solavalanche.

    Solar panels’ surfaces are dark, helping melt the snow fast, allowing the consumer to enjoy their sustainability-driven ideals once again as quickly as possible. On those days, though, where the weather is blizzard-predictable, you can rest at ease knowing that you and your property and those who visit it are safe beneath your solar carport installation because you partnered with M Bar C Construction.

    Yeti Structure

    The Yeti Structure Solution

    M Bar C Construction’s new carefully curated Yeti Structure prevents avalanches by creating a mini wall across the lower base of the decking, barricading the snow, and moving the excess water to trickle safely down from the structure’s sides. This process diverts excess water and melting snow to designated run-off zones versus snow dropping (avalanching) from a solar system all at once.

    As a design/build company, M Bar C wanted to help mitigate these slippery slope incidences and impacts. Therefore, we considered the various location-specific factors and engineered the Yeti Structure design based on snow load specifications. Scott Hackworth, M Bar C’s Preconstruction Manager, expressed that:

    “Building the carports with wide flange steel is the only safe solution for these kinds of weather conditions. Adding a Yeti Structure on top of the solar canopy provides necessary safety and peace of mind to the overall desired result of the product; obtaining renewable energy.”

    Dangerous situations arise for passerby’s, vehicles, animals, and property when the force and velocity of shedding snow on tilted solar structures avalanche. In addition, big chunks of ice falling on gutters, outdoor furniture, and landscape take a significant brunt, inevitably ending in injuries, liabilities, and unneeded stress. Ensuring your solar system investment is safe due to the off chance you are hit with an intense snowstorm while knowing you have additional protection from future liabilities makes the Yeti Structure solution necessary.

    Quality continues to be one of the essential values M Bar C Construction lives by. While it is important to note that solar carports make a public declaration about your company’s dedication to reducing your carbon footprint, it is also essential to be safe, secure, and effective for all your most prized investments. With this in mind, M Bar C is proud to offer an economically sound snow guard that will protect what you care about most. Solar Builder Magazine emphasizes that:

    “If you are ever installing solar panels in the northern half of the United States, there are a few winter safety precautions you need to take to prevent potentially dangerous situations. One of the most economical ways to prevent a snow avalanche is to install a snow retention system or snow guards.”

    With a plethora of different style snow guards, roof fences, snow pads, and snow rails on the market, it makes choosing the right option for your organization challenging. We know you want to save money due to your original choice of going solar in the beginning. However, partnering with an experienced and solution-driven carport installation provider is imperative so that your solar installation is cost-efficient, provides you the maximum solar output while protecting you, your facility, and those who visit it. Family-owned and operated for over 45 years, M Bar C Construction is your solar carport installation solution. So invest in a Yeti Structure today, and experience savings for decades to come.