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    What do our people say?

    At M Bar C Construction we are always seeking talented and skilled additions to our team. But we know you have wondered; “what’s it like to work for M Bar C Construction?” So we asked our entire team to share with us what they think of working at M Bar C Construction, and they had plenty to say:

    M bar C Construction is the best company to work with as a consultant and friend. They value relationships, business, families and individuals. Everything I do for them is appreciated as I appreciate everything M bar C Construction has done for me, that’s the strength between the sun and the shade.
    Mark Lowe

    Information Technology Consultant

    M Bar C Construction is a talented team of people who work together to achieve success and who recognize each other for those successes. The executives here including the owner, are savvy business people and have their finger on the pulse of the company. But at the same time, they have not lost their passion or desire to always want to hear what’s going on within the organizations, be it good or bad and they strive to continue making M Bar C Construction is a SOLID company!
    Debbie Christensen

    Senior Purchasing Specialist

    M Bar C Construction has been a great company to ‘grow up’ in. You can’t beat this culture. They appreciate and value people who are team players and recognize and respect the greater good of the whole. My bosses have been gracious (and patient) to mentor me into a better employee and better person. Through it all, tough times and easy times, people are always quick to a laugh and keep the atmosphere light. And of course, M Bar C Construction has offered me more opportunities than I believe any other company would have, for which I am extremely grateful.
    Andrew Lee

    Project Manager

    I feel like M Bar Construction is my home away from home, my extended family of sorts. Just like in any family, there are always ups and downs. We share our life stories and our accomplishments. We celebrate each other in our success and support each other through our frustrations. We laugh together, and we cry together. When you need someone to have your back, there is always someone there for support.
    Heather Mahr

    Accounts Receivable Administrator

    Autonomy and donuts are vital pieces to my happiness and M Bar C Construction provides both.
    Edgar Herrera

    Accounts Payable Administrator

    Now we just need you!

    As you can see, the general consensus is that being apart of the M Bar C Construction team is not only beneficial to professional development but also personal development. We are so thankful to have such a strong, passionate and effective team at M Bar C Construction…oh, and donuts, we are also thankful for the donuts.