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    M Bar C is proud to welcome our new, in-house Network Administrator, William Gleason.

    Since joining our team, William Gleason has hit the ground running. Prior to the addition of William, most of our IT support had been through a third party, off-site service. The addition of William will provide full time, in house Network support. Meg Warren, Information Systems Manager explained; “With the tremendous growth M bar C has been experiencing, the need for full-time, on-site support was imperative. William is not only taking over maintenance of the established network configuration, but he will also be implementing additional security, support, and hardware policies. This is no small feat!”

    With impressive professional experience and a bachelor’s degree in Management of Information Systems from San Diego State University, William is an ideal fit for this role. William shared “I’ve spent most of my career working in companies experiencing explosive growth—office moves and relocations, adding additional employees, infrastructure growth, etc. This has taught me to predict the needs of the company and build the appropriate computer system/network. I love working with people to figure out how computers and technology can help them do their work better or easier. I take great satisfaction when my work can help someone else enjoy their work more.”

    Meg Warren shared that William has already proved himself to be a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team; “William jumped right in with no hesitation. He is eager, organized, and just an all-around nice guy. On his first day, he brought solutions to the table, sought out resources and provided much-needed support. I’m sure I can speak for the entire company when I say we are thrilled to welcome William to our family!”

    When William isn’t working, he’s planning his next travel adventure. He is an avid traveler and takes every chance he can to see the world. While studying in Germany, he visited at least 16 cities in 9 countries. Although he loves international travel, William’s favorite place in the world is Yosemite.

    William Leason