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    Introducing the newest addition to the M Bar C Family.

    M Bar C Construction is proud to welcome our newest Renewables Team Member: James Delaney. James joins the M Bar C family after working for HMT Electric Inc. As the newest addition to our team, James is an integral part of the divisions’ success by vetting new projects, creating bids and sending out proposals. When asked about joining the M Bar C Team James answered “I am excited about the opportunity to grow my career with a forward-thinking company that also shares a passion for creating a sustainable future. My favorite aspect of my job is watching a job opportunity materialize into a project that meets our clients’ needs and builds M Bar C’s influence in the industry.”

    James colleagues are already singing his praises, when asked about what James brings to the division, Jordyn Fenner (Sales Manager of Renewable Energy) shared “James’ ability to stay calm under pressure, multitask, and his desire to learn will allow him to grow into a position where he can value engineer turnkey solar photovoltaic systems.”

    James is a graduate of California State University San Marcos, with a degree in Business Management. Aside from the apparent skills and knowledge he brings to our team, he also fits in great with the department culture. In James spare time he likes snowboarding, spending time with friends and playing beach volleyball. Our M Bar C Family is proud to have James on our team, not only does he bring effective support to our team, but he also has enriched the company dynamic by just being himself. When asked about the type of person James is, Jordyn responded: “He is so calm and even-tempered, we have been trying to throw curve balls at him to get a reaction. It hasn’t worked so far! We are taking suggestions!”

    James, welcome to the team. You’re going to love it here.

    If you would like to learn more about our Renewables Division and what they do, check us out:

    James Delaney