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    DSA Approved outdoor learning center structures are no longer optional; they’re becoming a necessity.

    Introducing, Ultimate Guardian 19.


    Outdoor Learning Center


    Recently approved in July 2020, M Bar C Construction, along with 4 STEL Engineering, is proud to announce our newest design for DSA (Division of the State Architect) Pre-Checks. We are excited to present the Ultimate Guardian 19, which incorporates the 2019 California Building Codes. This new edition comes with the expansion from the Ultimate Guardian 16’s four pre-checks, to the Ultimate Guardian 19’s six pre-checks resulting in more cost-effective solutions.

    M Bar C Construction already provides one of the largest DSA Approved Structure portfolios in California.  As schools throughout the state are returning to campus, or in the final stages planning their return, creative outdoor learning centers are no longer an option; they are becoming a necessity. In the effort to meet safe distancing regulations and required cleaning practices, outdoor learning center options will become a norm for California students. The Ultimate Guardian 19 perfectly joins the M Bar C DSA Approved Structure Portfolio in all aspects of safety, quality, versatility, and structural integrity.

    Within the Ultimate Guardian 19 comes several favorable changes and options:

    1. The wind loads are lower, which in turn, results in more cost-effective beam sizes.
    2. For additional value of engineering opportunities, we have added multi-span purlin options, which helps eliminate columns. This change also brings significant savings.
    3. The new design allows for larger panels as they are continuing to increase in size.
    4. The option of tilt up to seven-degrees
    5. The introduction of the mid seismic option compared to the previous design, which only included high and low.

    Find out more about our new DSA Pre-Check and how we can assist you on your upcoming project or outdoor learning center by contacting an M Bar C team member today, we are ready to help.