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    M Bar C Construction is proud to introduce The Ultimate Guardian 16, our newest DSA approved structure.

    We are pleased to inform you that all four of the M Bar C designed “Ultimate Guardian 16” Pre-Check Documents for DSA (Division of State Architect) approved structures have been approved and are ready for use on your next DSA project! Our most recently approved DSA designs include the following structures:

    • Low Seismic/Low Wind
    • Low Seismic/High Wind
    • High Seismic/Low Wind
    • High Seismic/High Wind

    These updated DSA Pre-Check Documents for the 2016 California Building Code are a product of hundreds of hours of design and engineering driven collaborations. These designs provide effective designs geared towards meeting the needs of most California school structure requirements. In addition to meeting state requirements these recently approved designs address our clients desire for implementing aesthetically pleasing structures onto their properties.

    In 2017 M Bar C Construction produced over 82 megawatts of solar canopies of which over half were DSA approved structures. The DSA oversees construction projects on California K–12 campuses by providing plan review and approval, and construction oversight of projects, in response to applications from California school and community college districts.

    The pre-check program provides for DSA approval of the design of a structure in advance of submittal for construction. Through the years, M Bar C Construction has been proud to produce Division of State Architect (DSA) approved solar shade structures for schools throughout California. For more information, visit our DSA Structures