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    We all know that solar energy helps protect natural resources while saving users money. Now, let’s breakdown how solar works.


    How Solar Works


    Solar carports are a powerful, proven, and necessary renewable energy solution. In 2019 the United States hit a landmark, with over 2 million solar systems installed throughout the nation. For over 40 years, M Bar C has excelled in the design and installation of carports and shade structures of all kinds. Two decades ago, solar energy reached new levels of accessibility. In recognition of innovative renewable technology sweeping the globe, we began integrating solar panels onto our structures. Kelsey Webster, Marketing Manager, explains,

    “When solar first hit its stride, M Bar C saw the demand for solar and took innovative steps to meet that need. As one of the first solar carport installers in the nation, our structures provided a solution that still applies today. We have found that solar carports are one of the most efficient ways to maximize solar in correlation to space. Of course, there are other solar energy solutions available, but compared to the other options the benefits of carports are undeniable. Comparitively solar carports require less maintenance, havHow Solar Workse a longer lifespan and allow users to have accessible square footage underneath their solar carport solution.”

    While you may know M Bar C Construction provides all your solar and shade needs, do we really know what goes into turning sun rays into reusable power? Let’s breakdown how solar works.

    How Solar Works

    Once carport structures are in place, solar panels are installed on top and positioned to capture as much sunlight as possible. But how does this process become useable energy? Let’s break down the process. Project-specific solar panels are selected and constructed before arriving at the construction site. They are constructed of metal, glass, and a small film of cells that are activated by sun rays. These small cells are called photovoltaic cells, and they contain two oppositely charged films that, when introduced to the sun’s rays, create, and release an electrical current. Although those are electrical currents, at this stage, they are not currents that can generate electricity and convert into usable power. Before this happens, an electrical converter is installed. This converter takes in the current from those photovoltaic cells and transfers them into usable electric currents that are then applied to the system owner. This converted energy is what powers your business, school, non-profit organization, or multifamily housing group. Finally, your current usage is tracked by a usage meter, which simply keeps track of your company’s current usage.

    Our Full-Scope Process

    We have a highly reputable Renewables Team that can meet all the wants and needs of your specific project. Here are some reasons M Bar C’s Renewables Division is one of the most trusted in the industry. Our seasoned team of renewables experts provides what is known in the as full-scope project solutions. This means that they can manage projects through the entirety of the process, from coordinating with contractors, electricians, and financing companies, the details are all handled for you. We have well-established relationships with entities from all branches within the solar industry. This allows us to take in the information for your desired project, contact our partners, and give you a full proof plan and bid, quickly and smoothly.

    Exceeding Client Expectations

    Exceeding our client’s expectations is our number one goal. But, before meeting goals we do our best possible job to first Identify your projects specific needs. In identifying needs, we establish the perfect plan to go about your personalized solar project. You invest in us, and we stand behind and protect your investment. You give us direction and we run with it, being sure to align with our values and meet every criterion your project may need.

    Why You Are Important

    We are a family-owned company that holds strong to our values. These values are apparent in the services we provide, and there is no difference when it comes to our renewables department. Our goal is to provide you with efficient, high-quality service, that will meet all your project’s needs. If you are our client, you are our family. You can be sure that in choosing M Bar C, you are not only investing in solar, but investing in a quality partner for all your solar shade projects to come.

    Curious how we can put solar to work for your facility or upcoming project? Contact us, we are ready to help.