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    Solar carports make impressive leaps towards clean energy goals.

    Cities and states throughout the nation are creating goals shifting to 100% clean energy.  Based on a new report from the UCLA Luskin Center, setting a clean electricity target is now a practical objective as 70 cities and counties across seven states already are powered by 100% clean electricity.

    Setting goals/targets vary from location to location based on “renewable” or “clean” electricity resources available. Washington, D.C.  has set an ambitious target to reach 100% renewable electricity by 2032, while other locations have set deadlines between 2040 & 2050.  Further, the State of California and 44 cities’ have established 100% clean energy source goals for their transportation, heating and cooling sectors.

    With solar projects throughout the state of California and reaching nationwide, M Bar C solar carports provide a powerful clean electricity solution. Throughout the nation; schools, businesses, and government buildings are utilizing solar carports, solar rooftop systems, and ground arrays to make impressive leaps towards clean energy goals.

    Community Choice Aggregators (CCAs) is a program allowing local governments to acquire power from an alternative supplier while still receiving transmission and distribution service from their existing utility provider. This program is growing in California, assisting them in meeting their state’s target of 100% clean energy by 2045.

    Clean energy has many advantages, such as money savings, local job creation, cleaner air, and electricity system resilience.  Additionally, climate change and its threat of wildfires, droughts and severe storms is another attribute pushing states towards the implementation of clean electricity.

    As a national leader for solar carport design and installation, M Bar C Construction is proud to be a key player in the countrywide commitment to clean energy. With 44 years in business and decades of innovation behind, we continue to create only the most efficient solar carports solutions.  M Bar C Construction is here to help you, your school, your business, and your church meet statewide clean electricity goals. Learn more here: Contact Us.

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