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    Solar Power International 2019 affirms a healthy future for solar structures and DSA structures.

    Established in 2004, Solar Power International (SPI) is the powerhouse event for solar and renewable energy industry players. This year, attendees and industry leaders ascended to Salt Lake City’s, Salt Palace Convention Center. Throughout packed exhibit halls, 19,000 solar, storage, smart energy wind, hydrogen, fuel cells, geothermal and EV infostructure professionals had access to leading energy industry companies. Although some SPI event veterans might describe the setting comparable to a discombobulated family reunion (with fewer sing-a-longs…oh, is that just my family?) this event is a key solar growth indicator.

    What we learned…

    Similar to our experience at SPI 2018, SPI 2019 continued to affirm our initiatives into the East Coast market. Additionally, this event affirmed consistent development and growth within the industry. Neil Bradley, Director of Strategic Accounts explained, “People within this industry are thinking outside of the box. We are all creating solutions that weren’t available previously. It’s encouraging to see this industry consistently reaching for new solutions for today’s solar demands.”

    With M Bar C Construction leading the industry in steel carport structures and DSA Structures (Division of State Architect), SPI 2019 confirmed the exact road that M Bar C has chosen. Erik Krivokopich, Vice President of Business Development explained, “More people are doing what we do. More people are putting their fingers in the pot. Although it’s creating a bit of competition, whether or not it’s healthy competition is yet to be determined. Regardless, every time we attend SPI, the people we see and talk to, consistently share with us that we are the best at what we do.” Erik continued; “The industry is healthy, the demand is there. Next year is going to be a good year for solar. There’s still an awareness around what is going to happen with next year’s ITC regulations, but it doesn’t seem to be making the industry flinch.”

    Kelsey Webster, Marketing Coordinator, left SPI inspired for the future development and growth of M Bar C Construction; “I think a component that sets this industry apart from others, is that only decades ago solar and wind energy was a somewhat abstract concept. Nevertheless, there’s a clear demand and this industry prevailed. Because of this, innovation and collaboration are the backbones of this industry, and that show’s in the way that everyone communicates within it. From partners to competitors, there’s a common understanding that we are together shaping the future of sustainable energy.”