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    M Bar C Construction has extensive expertise providing custom design/build for Photovoltaic (PV), carports in commercial, government, school and military construction projects. Working in light- and heavy-gauge steel, we are one of the most experienced in the nation at providing beautiful, ultra-sturdy, functional carports that harness the sun’s energy, for all types of applications.


    M Bar C Construction’s vast steel design/build expertise applies to all kinds of ground mount installations as well. Our ultra-durable solar structures blanket vast acreages of land throughout the American southwest, where sunshine is ever-plentiful.


    M Bar C Construction has worked on a variety of projects requiring structures for tracking solar panel systems to take full of advantage of the sun as its position shifts throughout the day. If your project incorporate trackers, M Bar C Construction is ready to help you house them in the best steel structures.


    In addition to solar energy projects, M Bar C is skilled in providing custom, cost-effective steel solutions for wind turbine installations. When an alternative energy construction project requires an innovative approach, M Bar C Construction is up to the task.