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    Versa Shade Structure provides a creative solution for Tri-Valley school.

    Hallways buzzing with students at Cottonwood Creek School are experiencing the cool shade structure of the recently installed Versa Shade Canopies. These canopies were installed in relation to the already developed Tri-Valley school, providing coverage for school walkways, shade structure, and recycling areas. Located in Dublin, California, Cottonwood Creek School serves students kindergarten through eighth grade. With an emphasis on providing superior technology standards, focusing on a high level of Science, Technology, and Music integration through all grades. This developing school provides prestigious academic services for its students while also providing a beautiful campus.

    Versa Canopies were installed throughout the Cottonwood Campus, creating necessary shade structures throughout the entire site. Taking in the layout and intricate design of the campus, M Bar C Construction created a project solution by engineering a Versa PC that offered intentional options for meeting all site requirements. M Bar C Sales Representative and project lead, Greg Jones, Ph.D. shared “this job really showcases the versatility of the Versa Canopy”. Projects like Cottonwood Creek School allow M Bar C Constrution to prove the adaptability, customization and creative design involved in our constant commitment to meeting client needs.

    In the effort of successfully executing this project, M Bar C worked with the skilled design team at HKIT Architects to meet all of the site’s needs.  Cottonwood Creek is an all-new school and the Versa Canopies were a critical component of the schools all modular design.  The Versa Canopies’ all-steel construction provided a combination of cost-effectiveness and long-term durability that made partnering with M Bar C Construction in this project, an easy decision for the district. Want to learn more about the Versa Canopy and how it can meet the needs of your project? Let us help!