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    M Bar C Construction is proud to be involved in the San Marcos Unified School District solar project!

    M Bar C will be subcontracting with to Solar City/Tesla and will be performing the steel construction for the solar carports that will be utilized district wide.

    M Bar C has been a proud member of the San Marcos community for many years and is excited to contribute in a positive way with this new project. By taking solar carports district-wide, the district will be able to focus their much needed finances toward the education and resources needed for the students of the San Marcos Unified School District.

    Our steel structures are a proven commodity in California, as many of the schools throughout the state have utilized us to create strong solar structures for their campuses. With over 1,000 DSA-projects in our rapidly growing portfolio, we have partnered with many different solar companies in order to complete projects in a safe and timely matter. Our DSA pre-approved plans consider factors such as wind load and seismic activity; a major concern in California.

    Solar carports installed in the San Marcos School District will save the district millions of dollars in energy costs as well as protect and shade their parking lots, thereby reducing parking lot maintenance costs. Like with every project M Bar C is a part of, we custom design and build structures that will best suit the campus’ current aesthetic and future vision.

    Along with the installation for the solar carports, an environmental education program will be implemented by San Marcos Unified School District. This educational program called NEED (National Energy Education Development) will include the following:

    • Lesson plans and educational materials for all grade levels
    • Centered on the science of energy, sources of energy, electricity and transportation, and conservation. This program allows students to explore and analyze the energy production of their school’s solar system
    • State/National Education Credential
    • After school programs
    • In-person training and support line

    M Bar C Construction and Tesla/Solar City will start this multi-million dollar project in October 2017, which includes a total of 13 different sites and no upfront costs. The following schools will be implementing this new alternative energy system, outlined in these three phases:

    1. PHASE 1:  Paloma Elementary, San Elijo Elementary, Woodland Park Middle, and Mission Hills High
    2. PHASE 2:  Twin Oaks Elementary, Joli Ann Elementary, San Marcos Elementary, and Knob Hill Elementary
    3. PHASE 3:  Discovery Elementary, San Elijo Middle, Double Peak, San Marcos High, and Carrillo Elementary

    Rising rates of energy have caused electricity costs to increase by 39% for the San Marcos Unified School District, an estimated $25 to $30 million dollars increase! The district, comprised of 20,970 students, will save roughly $1 million in their first year and approximately $30 Million over the next 20 years. The San Marcos School District is very proud to be reducing their carbon footprint as well as educate their students on renewable energy. That’s why we are proud to partner with them in this exciting new venture.

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