How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    M Bar C Construction; proud to be an industry leader for building solar carports but also in setting safety standards.

    At M Bar C Construction, the safety of our team members is a driving force for what we do and how we do it. Each new hire goes through rigorous site and safety training. This commitment to Safety Training has earned our Crews and Safety Team countless safety awards. Safety Manager, Justin Bailey explained “At M Bar C we see our team members as more than just M Bar C employees. We see our employees as family, and our number one goal is to get everyone home safe to their families.”

    This commitment to safety means that you can regularly find our M Bar C Crews participating in onsite training. Safety Training for M Bar C employees begins immediately at hiring and continues throughout their employment. On each project site, safety training takes place throughout each site process.

    Additional training also occurs with each equipment training, at the yearly companywide Stand Down event. Justin shared; “Our safety training has improved M Bar C greatly. The more knowledge the crew has the more the site benefits which trickles up. Having thinkers onsite to not only recognize hazards but solve them as well is crucial to the success of M Bar C not just in safety but productivity as well. It creates an atmosphere that encourages efficiency.”

    Justin believes there’s a key to the success of the Safety Program at M Bar C Construction; “The safety atmosphere we have acquired is a direct result of the boots on the ground. It wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the passion and dedication of the crews.”  Thanks to safety trainings just like these, and the constant commitment to safety from each crew member, M Bar C Construction has an award recognized Safety Program. Recently our Safety Program and Crews were awarded the ABC STEP Safety Award as well as the AGC San Diego Construction Safety Excellence Award