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    With Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuarys’ commitment to its surrounding community, it is no surprise that they have expanded its care by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


    Rose Hills Memorial Park

    Located in Whittier, California, Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary was founded in 1914 and began as an 18-acre cemetery serving the surrounding city of Whittier. Today, the Rose Hills Memorial Park comprises over 1,400 acres and is recognized as the largest and one of the most beautiful mortuaries in North America.

    In Summer 2021, M Bar C Construction was proud to partner with SCI (Service Corporation International) to install a solar carport system that greatly reduces greenhouse gas energy consumption while directly benefiting Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary.

    The solar carport system represents 1027.60kW of solar energy that will feed Rose Hills’ energy demand, allowing the facility to benefit from solar-generated energy. In total, the solar carport installation consists of 2569 Hanwha QPeak Duo 405W panels that will create over 2.5 million kilowatt-hours of solar energy annually. This is comparable to the energy required to power over 380 California homes for an entire year.

    Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary utilized available financing options, which allowed the facility to go solar without paying any upfront costs. In turn, they benefitted from energy cost savings as soon as the system started to operate. This also allowed the facility to purchase solar installation outright, ensuring optimal energy and system savings.

    M Bar C Construction provided support for the entire solar installation project, start to finish. This project involved M Bar C’s expertise beginning with site energy demand assessments, custom design options, and financing guidance. As the recognized industry leader for carport installation, M Bar C Construction provided all carport and solar panel installation. This in-house support allowed SCI & Rose Hills teams to experience the convenience and cost-savings of a one-stop design and installation.

    The newly installed solar carport system allows Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary to adopt a formal sustainability policy by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving LEED certification. LEED certification provides the framework for healthy, highly efficient, and cost-saving green buildings and is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership.  

    Over the years, Rose Hills Memorial Park & Mortuary has become widely recognized for its commitment to the diverse community surrounding it. In the effort to best serve the community surrounding the facility, Rose Hills, has provided numerous culturally dedicated chapels and additional support, such as complimentary grief counseling for families that have chosen Rose Hills.

    With Rose Hills’ apparent connection to its surrounding families and community, it is no surprise that they decided to expand their care by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing a solar energy system.