How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    With a strategic and researched “COVID-19 Return to Office Plan” in place, M Bar C Construction teams are set to return to campus.

    As California cautiously proceeds through the “Resilience Roadmap” that has been put in place to protect those within the state, our M Bar C team has created the “COVID-19 Return to Office Plan” to protect M Bar C team members as we transition them from working remotely to returning to M Bar C campuses.

    Since March 2020, M Bar C office staff has worked from remote workspaces. Over the last three months, you could find M Bar C team members working from kitchen tables, garages, guest rooms, even outdoor patios. Regardless of location, M Bar C team members continued in their commitments to clients and their teams. Across project sites throughout the nation, M Bar C field workers continued to show up, wearing additional PPE and facemasks. Field team members committed to additional sanitization and social distancing steps in the effort to better protect themselves and their coworkers. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, M Bar C staff members continued to prove to be the lifeblood of our organization.

    Out of respect to our employees and the families that they represent, the “M Bar C COVID-19 Return to Office Plan” was enacted to provide M Bar C team members a safe, well researched, and efficient return to office transition. COVID-19 Return to Office Plan

    Strategic Planning

    The decision to transition office staff members back to M Bar C campuses come from months of research, planning, discussion, counsel, and safety procedure development across M Bar C departments.  Over the last three months, “M Bar C COVID-19 Return to Work Plan” team members have been in constant communication discussing how the organization proceeds in accordance with CDC and government mandates. The return to office decision has stemmed from strategic and intentional planning to ensure the safest and healthiest transition for our team members.

    Virtual and Distance-Based Communication

    Much like most of the country, the chain of events that took place in height of the COVID-19 pandemic created a quick shift for the M Bar C organization. Collectively departments quickly incorporated new practices such as video conferencing, online task organization tools, increased team and client phone calls, and virtual team building happy hours.

    With the limitation of in-person meetings within the “COVID-19 Return to Office Plan”, distance-based communication platforms will continue to support our teams as we maintain efficiency and manage company initiativs. Team members will be encouraged to continue to use platforms such as Microsoft Teams video calls or group chats in lieu of face to face meetings.

    Covid-19 Return To Office Plan
    Covid-19 Return To Office Plan

    Superior Safety

    Within these discussions increased safety regulations have been set and shared with all M Bar C team members. Introducing required Daily Health Assessments, temperature checks, mask requirements and additional sanitization create the foundation for the “M Bar C COVID-19 Return to Office Plan”. Team members have been informed of new safety requirements and are receiving training upon their return to campus.

    With the return of team members to the M Bar C campuses, M Bar C offices will display COVID-19 Return to Office safety posters that list safety mandates throughout our buildings. These posters can be found at every entryway and shared space throughout the facility reminding staff members of M Bar C COVID-19 regulations and our commitment to the health of each other and the families represented within M Bar C.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it seemingly endless waves of challenges for our world. Regardless of these challenges, within the midst of a pandemic, M Bar C Construction and its team members have together navigated the storm.