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    With M Bar C structures, you are not only investing in quality carport structures; you are investing in structures that can withstand the test of time.


    M Bar C’s reputation is built from quality carport structures, setting the bar higher than the industry standard. Neil Bradley, Director of Strategic Accounts, explained the benefits of investing in a quality partner and superior product from the beginning; “In that case, I guess the argument is, why heavy-gauge versus light gauge?” Here at M Bar C, we use heavy-gauge steel for all our solar structure projects. Heavy-gauge steel is stronger, more durable, and provides a cleaner look. It is a higher quality product than the light gauge option that most competitors offer. 

    Neil continued, “Quality carport structures are a leading force for M Bar C. Because of this, light-gauge solar carports don’t meet our quality standards. We want M Bar C structures to be standing as long as the life of the solar system it houses. In the inevitable event that a car hits a light gauge structure, there is a high probability that the structure is going to experience considerable damage, resulting in expensive repair costs. In the case that it’s a heavy gauge structure, if the structure is impacted, there is a good chance that there will be no damage to the solar system, or the structure itself. If anything, with heavy gauge structures, there will be more damage to the car or object that caused the impact than the structure.”

    Quality Carport Structure

    This Non-M Bar C Carport Suffered Catastrophic Damage When Impacted.

    Along with using heavy gauge steel, we focus on every detail that goes into the building of our quality carport structures. Mike Prescott, Director of Quality, explained, “The biggest difference is the use of I-beam compared to tube steel. We use tube steel, which is much more sturdy. The other component is a bolted connection compared to the welded connection M Bar C uses. The welded connection that we use has proven to be stronger than the bolted connection.” 

    Scott Hackworth, M Bar C Preconstruction Manager, elaborated, “Most of our competitors use tech screws to attach the purlins to the end clips, where M Bar C uses bolted connections… it takes a lot less effort to damage a tech screw than it does a bolt.”

    Accidents happen. Why not be ready?

    Obviously, we can’t promise that our structures will stand untouched forever. Still, we can promise that in the event of an accident, we are confident in the quality of our structures and confident that your solar panels will continue to be supported and continue to provide renewable energy for your organization.

    Quality Carport Structure

    After Discovering A Crocodile Was Loose In Their Car, This Driver Panicked And Accelerated Into An M Bar C Structure. Although The Car Was Damaged, The Structure Remained And More Importantly The Driver Was Safe And Unharmed.

    Investing in quality products ensures your solar panels and the renewable energy they produce are safe. Quality structures protect these solar systems, while also protecting the people who walk and park beneath them. In the event that a car hits a carport built with light gauge steel the probability of the steel buckling, panels falling, and potential injury of anyone in the vicinity increases immensely. 

    How Does M Bar C Repair Structures?

    It’s impossible to prevent people from crashing into existing structures, because of this we are seasoned when it comes to repairing our competitors’ structures. At M Bar C we’ve heard it all. Accident causes can range from a crocodile getting loose within a car resulting in a surprised driver accidentally accelerating directly into a beam, to an outside construction team crane crashing down and landing on the carport underneath it. Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable. The good news is, we can help.

    Due to the superior quality of M Bar C structures, more times than not, the repairs our crews complete are for structures that were not originally M Bar C installed structures. Whether or not these repairs are for M Bar C installed structures, we take our repair work just as seriously as we take initial structure installation projects.  

    In the event of an accident, Mike Prescott adds, “Depending on the damage and depending on whether it’s a DSA job or not. In the event of an accident, we may have an inspection agency and engineer go out and X-ray the steel to make sure there are no cracks within the structure and its parts. In the event of a DSA structure experiencing damage, this rigorous and detailed type of inspection takes place every time. If it’s something more simple like a purlin or an end cap that got smashed and there was no damage to any other parts of the structure, we’ll assess and repair the damage.” 

    With over 15 years of construction experience, Scott Hackworth knows the necessity of quality structures, “Quality and long-lasting structures are an instance where you get what you actually pay for if you partner with a quality company that produces quality structures if a crane falls on it, the structure is still standing, those below it are still safe. You can’t have the same confidence in lesser quality structures. if something like a crane hits a light gauge structure, it would have been on the ground, and that’s not a risk you want to take.”