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    M Bar C Construction proudly installs 412 kW-DC solar carport and parking garage canopies at Vista Community Clinic, providing sustainable energy for the community serving healthcare facility.


    Vista Community Clinic

    Photo Provided By Collectivesun


    The 412 kW-DC solar carport installation at Vista Community Clinic (VCC) will provide long term renewable energy for the sustainability-driven healthcare facility. Solar energy produced from the installation will free up facility resources allowing VCC to continue to serve their patients and the surrounding community. The design and installation were completed by M Bar C Construction and funding was supported by nonprofit sustainability advocate; CollectiveSun.
    Vista Community Clinic was founded in 1972 in southern California, to provide critically-needed health services to underserved populations of North County San Diego. The organization serves over 69,000 patients every year, with roots, planted deeply in the communities in which they work. With a commitment to the community in mind, the VCC organization recognizes the importance of investing in future generations. Utilizing renewable energy benefits the facility today, by lowering operating costs, while building a better future for generations to come. Michelle Lambert, VCC, CFO explained:

    “Although our solar panels won’t be able to diagnose anyone or write a prescription, they will be a symbol for what we stand for – innovation, health, and empowerment.”

    When creative solutions meet collaboration.

    Vista Community Clinic partnered with the SunForAll program in funding its nonprofit solar system. SunForAll is a program of CollectiveSun in partnership with the BQuest Foundation. It is designed to simplify the funding of renewable energy projects and help make solar affordable for nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations. Through this partnership, VCC received a generous donation from the BQuest Foundation, allowing the organization to proceed with its solar energy goals.

    Vista Community Clinic partnered with M Bar C Construction, a solar carport installer. As one of the first solar carport installers in the nation, M Bar C Construction was the clear installation solution. From start to finish, M Bar C provided design, installation, and project management of the project. M Bar C Construction Renewables Division worked with VCC and CollectiveSun every step of the way, ensuring the solar carport project met the facility’s needs. The VCC solar solution consists of 5 solar carports installed throughout ground-level parking, as well as a full-cantilevered solar carport installed atop an existing parking garage. Collectively, the system consists of 1,031 400W solar modules. Projects like Vista Community Clinic allow the M Bar C Construction team to provide in-house support throughout the entirety of the process.

    Vista Community Clinic

    Photo Provided By Collectivesun

    How this one is personal.

    Located in San Marcos, CA, the West Coast M Bar C Construction Campus is only eight miles from Vista Community Clinic. Although, all M Bar C Construction projects are of the highest importance to M Bar C, projects like Vista Community Clinic, feel as though our crews are getting a powerful opportunity to partner in bettering the communities we live in. Kelsey Webster, M Bar C Marketing Manager shared:

    “Every project M Bar C Construction takes part in is important to our team, but solar carport projects like Vista Community Clinic, feel as though we are contributing to a more positive future, within our own ‘backyard.’ Many of us drive past these buildings every day; we know the families that receive care at these facilities, we see the positive impact that VCC has within our community. Partnering with CollectiveSun in helping provide and install a solar energy solution for Vista Community Clinic is deeply personal for us at M Bar C Construction.”