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    Recently installed Poway solar carports and solar rooftop provide 115 kW of renewable energy for Neighborhood Healthcare facility.

    The installation of Neighborhood Healthcare’s Poway, Gold Family Health Center solar carport, and solar rooftop system will provide over 175,000 kWh of renewable energy in just the first year of production. In 1969, Neighborhood Healthcare opened its flagship location in Escondido, CA, as Escondido Community Clinic. Today Neighborhood Healthcare has 15 healthcare locations throughout Southern California.

    Poway Solar Carports

    Neighborhood Healthcare is a private, non-profit 501(C) (3) community health organization. Throughout the organization’s history, they have provided medical, dental, and behavioral health care for more than 350,000 visits, collectively serving more than 76,000 patients annually.

    The newly installed Poway solar carport system efficiently utilizes limited rooftop and parking lot space to help the facility lower their cost of electricity. The solar carports feature under-canopy lighting, allowing Neighborhood Healthcare visitors to access their vehicles under the safety of well-lit canopies, while also protecting their cars from the heat of the Poway sun.

    M Bar C’s Renewables division worked closely with the City of Poway throughout the design and installation of the solar carports and rooftop system. This collaboration involved M Bar C Construction and City of Poway collectively finding solutions to meet the facilities requirements for adequate drainage. M Bar C Construction ensured the Poway solar carport installation met the necessary planning and view corridor standards.

    Poway Solar Carports

    Vertically Integrated, From Start to Finish

    M Bar C Construction has the unique ability to provide in-house, vertically integrated solar carport installations for projects such as Neighborhood Healthcare’s Poway, Gold Family Health Center. This solar carport installation allowed M Bar C Construction and its Renewables team the opportunity to manage this project from start to finish collectively. From engineering to design to procurement to installation, the Neighborhood Healthcare solar carport installation was orchestrated and completed by M Bar C, every step of the way.

    The installation of the solar carports and rooftop system will provide renewable energy solutions for the non-profit medical center, reducing facility energy costs. The reduction in energy costs will provide additional resources to provide necessary medical care and support for their patients for generations to come.