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    Lighthouse Baptist Church incorporates a 233 kW solar carport system, offsetting 90% of church energy use.

    Located in Lemon Grove, California, Lighthouse Baptist Church serves the community of the greater San Diego area. With the mission to serve their surrounding community, Lighthouse Baptist Church accommodates large amounts of attendees and community members. Because of this, it’s necessary that the campus buildings are well lit with adequate lighting and heating, resulting in increased energy use and utility costs. Recognizing the benefits of solar energy, church leadership sought out an innovative solution that would provide affordable and sustainable energy to the church campus.  This initiative led them to M Bar C Construction. As an industry leader in solar carport design and installation and a San Diego based company, expertise and accessibility go hand in hand for this project.

    In total, M Bar C Construction installed three solar PV (photovoltaic) carport structures that consisted of 16 columns totaling 233 kW in size. A non-solar carport was also installed to provide necessary shade for the churches designated handicap parking spaces. 648 Jinko 360W panels installed by M Bar C Renewables teams will provide over 350,000 kWh of energy within one year. In total, this system will be responsible for offsetting over 90% of Lighthouse Baptist energy use, saving them over $65,000 in energy bill costs annually.

    Not only do these solar carports set an example of sustainability to the community around it, but these solar carports also are a testament to the importance of fiscal responsibility and accountability. Churches across the nation are recognizing the positive impact of innovative solar solutions on their campuses. How can we help your facility benefit from the freedom of energy costs? Contact us today, and together we can find a solution that fits your organization.

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