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    M Bar C Construction is honored to be named

    Solar Power World’s 2021 Installation Leader in Solar.


    In January 2021, Solar Power World announced the nominees for the various available Leadership in Solar categories. With category winners dependent on the input of their industry peers, survey participants voted for which company best exemplified solar leadership in each area of expertise. The Solar Power World Leadership in Solar polls were open for participant voting throughout the 2021 year, with the category winners announced this December.

    M Bar C Construction is proud to be voted 2021 Installation Leader in Solar. Throughout the over four-decade history of M Bar C Construction, we have been honored to receive numerous industry-recognized awards. Still, this award feels different because it’s awarded as a direct reflection of the opinion and experience of our fellow peers, community, and industry partners selecting M Bar C Construction as the Installation Leader in Solar.

    “Installing carports is what we do. Carports are what we’ve always done, and we’ve mastered it, and we will continue to innovate and improve processes. This award is a testament to us not just saying we are the best, but the industry and those in it acknowledging that we are the best.” –Neil Bradley, Director of Strategic Accounts

    2021 Installation Leader In Solar

    Time-Tested Expert Installation Leadership

    In 1998, M Bar C Construction recognized the expanding need for quality structures, in partnership with solar developers to maximize solar energy benefits while expanding renewable energy options. Jason Ianni, M Bar C Construction CEO and President recalled the organization’s first solar carport installation;

    “A client shared with us that in Europe, people were installing solar atop carports, and he wanted us to help him do it here. Although at the time this wasn’t occurring in the United States, we heard the client’s request and said ‘yes.’ This was a new design for us, so we gathered some of M Bar C’s key players and worked on a plan that would meet the client’s requests. Together we created a solution, and for the first time, we installed solar on top of a carport.” This innovative approach resulted in one of the nation’s first solar carports.

    Amc Marlton Solar Carport

    In 2020, M Bar C Construction also expanded its geographical footprint by opening our East Coast branch with a dedicated East Coast support team. Neil Bradley explained,

    “Solar carports are seen everywhere on the West Coast. But our expertise isn’t limited to the West Coast. As the demand for innovative solar installations has grown throughout the East Coast, we’ve recognized the need for our expertise, and we are proud to expand our support to East Coast partners.”

    Since the COVID-19 pandemic, all industries have experienced various challenges and setbacks. For M Bar C Construction and fellow installation companies, record-breaking steel price spikes, shipping delays, and overall pandemic management have provided us with a new set of challenges. Despite these industry-wide hurdles, M Bar C team members prevailed as they held fast to M Bar C values. Kelsey Webster, Marketing Manager, shared,

    “This award is especially significant when you consider the volatility of the last two years. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our world and our industry. Despite these challenges, our peers selected us as their 2021 Installation Leader in Solar. This award is a direct reflection of the expertise and legacy of M Bar C Construction and its team members.”

    A Legacy Continued

    Throughout its four-decades plus of installation experience, M Bar C Construction has continued to rise to the challenge, with expanded products and services such as DSA Approved canopies, carport & shade repair support, ground mount installations, and fabric shade offerings. Whether M Bar C Construction is embracing inventive concepts, developing new products, or expanding our expertise to new regions, we are eager to further support the industry we proudly serve as their 2021 Installation Leader in Solar.