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    M Bar C Construction and Electric are thankful to support local military families this Holiday Season.

    M Bar C Construction and Electric have always felt a deep calling to support and care for the community around us. Throughout the year our team participates in several different community driven programs; from food drives to regular event participation and support of the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation. But one community outreach project grows our hearts three sizes more (yes, you read that right, and that is absolutely a “Grinch” shout out); and that project is our Military Family Holiday Outreach.

    Two years ago, Debbie Christensen (Senior Purchasing Specialist) joined our M Bar C family and she presented the opportunity of participating in the Military Family Holiday Outreach program, in which our M Bar C team would volunteer to purchase gifts off wish lists for local military (Marine Corps) families in need of extra help during the holiday season. Upon hearing about this opportunity, Jason Ianni (President and CEO) knew we couldn’t pass up this opportunity to support our community.

    Over the last two years we have shared with the Military Family Holiday Outreach that our company is willing to “adopt” four or so families. We then share the wish lists of those families with our M Bar C team, and collectively, our staff volunteers to take on certain families, individuals or specific gifts. Once all the gifts have been purchased, wrapped, and tied with cheery bows, our team drops off the presents with the families they have volunteered to support. Through this program, our team has “adopted” eight local military families, providing gifts and goodies for over 24 children!

    We are already looking forward to supporting more families and delivering even more smiles for next year’s Holiday Season!