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    Sarah Cline brings dedication and innovation to the carport estimating process.

    In 2013 Sarah Cline joined the M Bar C Family as a Payroll Administrator. Eventually, she progressed to Payroll Manager and in more recent years has become a valuable member of our Carport Estimating Department. Although on paper, the various roles throughout her M Bar C professional history seem vastly different Sarah explained; “Both areas go hand in hand because I learned about various rules and laws within payroll. Many of those laws and rules are also applicable to carport estimating. Similarly, specific processes and standards must be followed within payroll, and the estimating process requires the same reverence.”

    Today, Sarah brings a welcomed level of enthusiasm, humor, drive, and insight to our Estimating Team. As an avid appreciator of wine, San Diego native and mother of two, Sarah is thankful for the phases of growth that she’s experienced at M Bar C Construction, “There have been several internal changes with management over the years, any time there’s change it can be a challenge. Nevertheless, our Estimating team has pressed on. We’ve worked together and completed bids. We are constantly busy, and even with shifts and changes-we continue to move forward. Estimating still happens, carport bids still get sent. It’s a huge win for our team and M Bar C Construction.”

    Sarah has learned a great deal about her professional strengths and natural abilities, that when married together-have allowed her to further deepen her role at M Bar C. Furthermore, M Bar C has committed themselves to encourage Sarah’s abilities within her role: “I’m naturally wired to understand Excel documents. This skill has helped me further my abilities within this valuable program. M Bar C has recognized that skill and has tasked me with assisting in the switch from our former software ProEst, to our excel based internal bidding tool. I’ve learned that I thrive while teaching and mentoring, so I’ve taken on training our team through the software switch. I’ve also been tasked with CRM build-out, data entry, team training, management, and organization. All of these shifts will ensure our carport estimating process is more accurate and efficient.”

    Sarah has been a powerful asset through the estimating and bidding process of well-known carport projects such as Aquatica San Diego and her former high school campus; Edison High School. “My favorite projects to bid, are the projects we win.”. Looking into the future, Sarah sees herself relaxing on a beach in Hawaii, sipping a Mai Tai, watching the surf with her husband, she added “Hey! There’s also solar in Hawaii!” Yet, in terms of her future at M Bar C, Sarah shared: “I would also love to see my abilities grow into a place that I can access and understand jobs every last detail, ensuring more accurate and precise bidding.” Always true to M Bar C form, Sarah is consistently looking for ways to better serve our clients: “I would love to utilize my personality in more client-based interactions. Building client relationships create a more seamless process for carport estimating.”

    Throughout her tenure at M Bar C Construction, something that stands out to Sarah is the company-wide commitment to exceeding our client’s needs. “I’ve seen our team intentionally stepping outside the box to satisfy our customers’ carport needs. We are using creative concepts to build outside revenue. I love that we’ve taken on the approach that if a client wants it, we will try it…I guess it’s hard for us to say ‘no’ when it comes to a client’s needs.”

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    Sarah Cline