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    With an industry spanning professional history ranging from insurance to construction machinery sales, it is no surprise that Neil Bradley has filled multiple roles throughout the M Bar C organization.

    Neil BradleyNeil Bradley’s first exposure to M Bar C Construction was when he was a salesman at D3 Equipment, the local CASE construction equipment dealer, with M Bar C being one of his clients. “I was selling and renting equipment to M Bar C during the aftermath of the recession. I watched many companies close or at least be close to closing, but M Bar C Construction was consistent and maintained their growth despite economic challenges.”

    Neil explained his transition to joining the M Bar C team:

    “There came a time when I knew I needed a shift, I approached Jason and mentioned that I was interested in joining the M Bar C team. At that time, he had a position available managing our fleet and rentals. Jason told me that the position would only be full time initially, but after the initial start, it would be more than likely a part-time job. Although at the time I was looking for a full-time position, I had done my research, I knew solar wasn’t going away so I saw this as an opportunity to get my foot in the door, with a great company that was only going to grow.”

    Joining the Team

    In November of 2011, Neil Bradley officially joined the M Bar C Team. Through the first several weeks of Neil’s employment, he noticed areas that could use further support or more efficient processes, and he began to add to his position at M Bar C.

    Neil’s original role quickly expanded with the addition of various facility and warehouse manager roles, coordinating a transition in office building locations move transitions, working with field teams, and ensuring the delivery of necessary equipment. Within a couple weeks of his employment at M Bar C Construction, it became clear that Neil’s role would remain fulltime but also serve as a long-term support to the organization.

    Developing at M Bar C

    True to his versatile nature, throughout his employment, Neil Bradley has fulfilled roles spanning from the warehouse, to marketing to sales. Today, Neil fills the role of Director of Strategic Accounts. Within this role, Neil focuses on developing and maintaining positive client relationships that can be found within partner organizations throughout the nation.

    “I believe in developing relationships. I’ve created some great industry founded relationships that have become friendships. This helps me as I work with our clients. I am able to relate to our clients, hear what they need, and usher M Bar C into adjusting and adapting accordingly.”

    Throughout Neil’s employment, he has seen the company almost triple in size, move offices three different times, take developmental risks, and introduce new products. Neil has also had the opportunity to be one of the key players in the development of projects from the very start:

    “One of my favorite parts of my job is to be on a job walk, at a site that is a blank slate and years later you drive by that same site and get to see a fully developed carport structure that M Bar C Construction built, and know that I was able to be on the ground floor in developing that structure.”

    Neil lists San Marcos Unified School District and Vista Unified School District solar carport installations as some of his most notable project portfolios. With San Marcos Unified District within the same city as M Bar C Constructions west coast campus, the proximity made this project a “must” for Neil and the M Bar C team.

    “Because of my experience, and relationships that I had developed prior, I was able to zero in on the exact carport design that SMUSD was looking for. This made the processes easier for not just San Marcos Unified, but also for M Bar C Construction as we were able to provide the best carport installation solution to meet what they were looking for.”

    Another standout project for Neil, is the record-breaking Six Flags Discovery Kingdom solar carport project that was completed in 2019.

    Commercial Carports

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Image Provided By Borrego Solar

    Looking Forward

    When looking into the future of M Bar C Construction, Neil Bradley sees the organization growing exponentially. “We are growing, we are expanding. With the full shift to an east coast expansion and the further development of our supporting Renewables Division, the growth possibilities at M Bar C are obvious.”

    With a role focused on relationship development, strengthening industry partnerships, and widening the reach of M Bar C projects is the lifeblood of Neil’s purpose:

    “What makes my job enjoyable, is knowing that we are one of, if not the best. When I’m selling M Bar C, I am confident in what I’m selling. I’m thankful that throughout my career history I’ve been fortunate to have that same confidence, from AAA to Home Depot to D3 Equipment, they’ve all been solid companies that I believe in. It’s easy to sell something when you believe in it.”

    As one of the first team members to arise to any given challenge, Neil’s impact at M Bar C Construction is apparent. Erik Krivokopich, M Bar C Construction Vice President of Business Development has worked directly with Neil for several years. Erik shared what makes Neil a powerful asset to not just M Bar C but to every client who works with him:

    “Neil is a great person and lives the values of our company. His integrity is unparalleled and always wants the best for the company. Neil sets the bar for M Bar C and what our employees and clients should expect as part of the experience of working with us. He goes above and beyond for the cause including the goodwill that the company believes in, such as the Eric Paredes Foundation or helping manage our yearly Holiday Military Outreach. He has a contagious passion that infiltrates his coworkers.”

    Neil BradleyWhen Neil is not working you can find him on the golf course, visiting wineries, or hanging out at the beach. As a Carlsbad, CA resident, Neil looks forward to the summer and getting back into the water. Neil and his wife Katrina enjoy traveling internationally, crediting New Zealand, Thailand, and Amsterdam as some of their favorite adventures.