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    Not many people can say that they knew what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives when they were in high school, but for Jordyn Fenner, this is the case. Her senior year at San Marcos High School, Jordyn Fenner took an Environmental Sciences class and it changed the trajectory of her professional future.Jordyn Fenner

    “This Environmental Sciences class blew my mind. It completely changed my perspective on almost everything. At the time, I did not understand the extreme impact that humans were having on the world. Coming out of that class, I felt like the blindfold was off.”  Jordyn continued “When I was in college, I knew I was so interested in topics like renewable energy, I decided to major in Environmental Studies and Policy. I realized I could have a career that I was passionate about and that helped others.”

    Although M Bar C Construction has been installing carports for over four decades, in more recent years the Renewable Energy Division was created to meet the increase in demand for solar energy solutions. This division collaborates with specific partners in the installation of their renewable energy projects. With three and a half years of experience at M Bar C Construction, Jordyn has played a valuable part in the establishment of the renewable energy division.

    “I have worked primarily in solar. At M Bar C we were given the opportunity to build a renewables team.  I’ve been able to take from my past experiences within the renewable energy industry and applied them to M Bar C Renewables. We have assembled a tight-knit group, and we have the process down. The collection of  our experiences and professional histories have brought our division to where we are today.”

    As the M Bar C Construction’s Renewable Energy Division Sales Manager, Jordyn Fenner has been a powerhouse of St. Francis Churchleadership and support for the division. Her passion has fueled the vision for the emerging renewable energy branch. With installations for Juniper at the Preserve Apartments, Palomar College, and St. Francis Church, Jordyn is proud to have supported these projects from start to finish. When asked what is most fulfilling about her role at M Bar C Construction, Jordyn shared:

    “The most fulfilling part of working at M Bar C is being able to drive around and see all the solar carports we’ve installed. It is especially exciting to see the projects that I personally developed because some of these projects can take years. It’s rewarding to see a project that we’ve put our blood sweat and tears into come to fruition.”

    With the total installed PV capacity expected to double in the US over the next five years, the demand for renewable energy solutions is apparent. Jordyn shared how she sees solar developing in the future:

    “Renewable energy isn’t going anywhere. We make sure of this one person at a time, one project at a time, paving the way for a sustainable future. Renewable energy is becoming an inherent part of our society. It is not as foreign of a concept, like it may have once been. If you drive down my street, almost every other house has solar installed. What will be interesting to see is, how will it adapt in the coming years and how renewable energy advances will meet the increase in demands for energy and the growing cost of energy.”

    When Jordyn isn’t in the office you can find her in her ceramic’s studio or on a hiking trail with her boyfriend William. Jordyn & William have recently acquired a new hobby, raising quail. With a newly built coop in their yard, they are learning about just what it takes to parent their fluffy friends.Jordyn Fenner


    Jordyn’s passion, intelligence, and commitment to our M Bar C Construction clients make her a powerful contributor to the M Bar C organization and the future success of our partners. Without a doubt, M Bar C Construction owes her high school Environmental Science teacher a sincere “thank you” for helping usher Jordyn to where and who she is today.

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