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    Andrew Allaband started at the very foundation of what makes M Bar C the powerhouse it is, he started in the field.

    On the heels of his 9 year anniversary at M Bar C Construction, Andrew Allaband started at the very foundation of what makes M Bar C the powerhouse it is, he started in the field. Initially, Andrew (Leppy) filled the entry-level role of field laborer. After two years in the field, Andrew found himself in a Foreman position. “It’s not that I didn’t want the role, but Mike Prescott, Director of Safety and Quality Control, recognized that I was ready and that I needed a little push to get there, and we needed a Foreman, so I became a Foreman.” As time went on, Andrew discovered that he wanted to expand his opportunities at M Bar C construction and he made the shift to the warehouse, “I started at the very entry-level in the warehouse, doing odd tasks, sweeping up bolts. Still, I knew that this shift would lead to something I could grow into.” Within, 3 years Andrew became a warehouse associate and then two years after that, he was promoted to his current role: Warehouse Lead.

    With each Employee Spotlight, there’s a common theme; growth. When asked what changes Andrew has seen at M Bar C since he first started, without hesitation, Andrew answered, “Growth. In 2010, I could count the number of M Bar C employees on just two hands, and I could name every employee off the top of my head. We’ve grown in the number of employees but also in the way we build structures, even our foundational values have developed more. Additionally, our designs have shifted, making us more competitive within the industry.” Over the last 9 years, M Bar C Construction has grown to now 175 employees. In 2010, you could find M Bar C structures throughout Oregon, Arizona, and California. Now our structures span across the nation from Hawaii to the East Coast.

    History Highlights

    Although our structures now span nationwide, Andrew’s favorites are the projectsFaa Tracon that proved to be the most challenging. Andrew listed both FAA TRACON and Cal State Monterey as his favorite projects. Both projects, characterized as “outside the box” were radius structures. Andrew recalls the FAA Tracon project, “It consisted of a radius structure and ground mount system and it looked amazing.” With both of these projects Andrew shared that it wasn’t just the creative solar installations that fostered good memories: “Along with building a beautiful structure, we were able to go to the lake after work and go cliff diving and swimming right across the street from our hotel. In Monterey, we were able to see the boardwalk, the aquarium, and hang out by the beach.”

    Andrew’s favorite aspect of his job is the people he gets to work with every day. Andrew explained; “We are a service department of 5 team members. We do everything we can to support our field crews, our vendors, and our clients. We do it all. Someone needs solar panels delivered? We make it happen. Does someone need bolts on-site? We make it happen. This department is so small, that teamwork is necessary. Because all these tasks have to get done, regardless if some of us are on the road making a delivery. The rest of us still need to make it happen. Our teamwork is outstanding. Its because we all have that understanding, we all support each other in just getting the job done.” And Andrew isn’t the only one to notice the powerful team that Andrew has fostered, Rick Keller, elaborated: “All material and hardware requests flow through Leppy. His attention to detail brings stability and consistency to our team on a professional level. From a personal perspective, he brings humor and comradery to the team through his friendship and his open and honest approach.”


    Intentional Development & A Future

    When asked about his personal growth at M Bar C Construction, Andrew credits a long line of effective leaders that took intentional steps in mentoring him:

    “Mike Prescott helped me a lot, he mentored me, motivated me and corrected me when I needed correction. I remember a month after I was promoted to Foreman, Prescott pulled me aside and asked me how I was feeling about my role. He recognized that I was pushed into the Foreman position and intentionally checked in with me on whether or not I was comfortable and felt like this was the direction I wanted to head. I remember saying ‘Yeah! I want to grow; I want to be challenged. I’m ready.’ But I’ll always be thankful for him checking in with me and showing genuine interest in how I was doing.”

    Andrew continued, “My leadership skills have come along way. I work with so many different personalities. My, current boss, Rick Keller has been a great source of information in training me through managing and coaching team members with different personalities and utilizing their strengths in the best way.” With a path behind him, covered in the encouragement, and intentional development, Andrew can see the next steps. When asked about the future of M Bar C, Andrew shared; “I would like to continue working on my leadership skills and move into a manager position. On a higher level, I see M Bar C is making a name for ourselves in the solar industry. We are going to stay competitive and continue working our way up the Top Solar Contractors List, and that success is directly partnered to our commitment to quality and integrity.

    Andrew’s manager, Rick Keller, Director of Facilities, elaborated on Andrew’s growth at M Bar C Construction; “Leppy has transformed from just pulling orders in the warehouse and an occasional delivery to handling most if not all requests from the field and scheduling three full-time drivers. This all happens as he tracks our inventoried items and maintains a +95% accuracy in all critical areas. Hard work and dedication with an occasional correction has led to Leppy’s success in this integral support position.”

    When Andrew isn’t at M Bar C Construction, you can find him rock climbing, shooting airsoft guns with his friends or hanging out with his girlfriend.