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    As one of M Bar C Construction’s key superintendents, Adam Rowe exemplifies what a true leader represents.


    Adam Rowe

    Tell me a little bit about yourself, Adam. Where are you from? Tell me about your family?

    I grew up in Anza, CA, and still live there; I travel about 70 miles from my house to work every day; I don’t mind it, though. We have two kids, a six-year-old boy, and a three-year-old girl. My wonderful wife is a stay-at-home mom for now. She was a surgical tech until she had the kids. I have been fortunate enough to make enough money to be with them, which is great, especially for the kids’ first few years. My little boy is in Kindergarten this year, which is virtual. Once my baby girl gets ready for school, my wife wants to go back to work.

    What do you like to do when you are not working?

    Family time, pretty much. We just went fishing and kayaking the other day with the kids. We like to go on road trips too. We also love the beach and watching the kids be kids. Soaking up that time while I am home and not working is a must. Family is always first and foremost. I just like being with them and being a good Dad.

    Tell me about your start with M Bar C?

    I was in concrete work before coming to M Bar C. I started back in June of 2010. I had a couple of friends that were working here. Solar was booming, and I was already in construction. I started as a laborer, pretty much at the bottom, and tried to learn what they did here. The ball started rolling, and from laborer, I went onto a leadership position and then a foreman position to now a superintendent. I got to watch M Bar C grow exponentially into what it is today through my own experience. 

    What roles have you filled, and what have you learned about yourself through that process?

    Because of my eight years in coaching football, wrestling, and baseball, I utilized those skills to grow into becoming a leader as a superintendent. I enjoy helping people develop their skills and being part of a positive change in someone’s life. I like seeing development, knowing I have that passion, and just running with it. I am leading people into a better future. Growing and developing and feeling like you have a positive impact on that or at least somewhat of a hand in that is a good feeling.

    What’s your favorite M Bar C project that you were a part of, and why was it your favorite?

    I would say the VA Hospital in Las Vegas was my most memorable. It was one of the last projects as a foreman before becoming superintendent. Probably a year-long and had many phases. We received a lot of great comments on the job, which made me feel good. During the time before going to Vegas, my wife was pregnant. M Bar C kept me closer to her by letting me work jobs near where she was. They asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas for about a year job, and I had just had my son. M Bar C went above and beyond to ensure that my family could travel with me, allowing me to be the best possible Father and M Bar C Team Member. M Bar C made me feel like I was valued. 

    Since the beginning of your employment, how have you seen M Bar C grow?  

    I have seen big-time growth through my years at M Bar C. I remember when I started, there were ten to fifteen employees in the field. To see it grow to where we are now is exponential. Through the growth, it is nice to see that M Bar C has stayed true to its roots and made us who we are now. M Bar C does an excellent job at keeping the morale up. Having that family feeling and that favorable structure makes it feel like it is not just a job, which gives you a healthy sense of security.

     How do you see yourself continuing to grow at M Bar C?

    As far as moving up to a different position, I think that where I am now suited fits me. I have always been a field guy, never really been an office guy. I have the best of both worlds; go to the office if need be or go out in the field when need be. I’ve learned that my forte is the relationship with the guys and liaison between them and the office. My goal will be to build more on the superintendent level and better understand and partner with what the project managers do.

    We are currently implementing a new “team-building” strategy, which I think is essential. Before we would have all of our superintendents and our project managers intermixed based on the job, whether it was geographic or client-based. It will now be the same consistent team of superintendents and project managers, working together on the same projects, allowing them to develop long-term and more effective processes. After a couple of years, we will rotate to another project manager; this way, we can continue to learn from each other while still maintaining organizational procedures.  Our guys will be able to develop a rapport and have the same language and know-how. Working more on this team-building strategy and growing as a superintendent are my priorities regarding personal growth here at M Bar C.