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    M Bar C Construction gets approval on the first of many DSA pre-checks.

    We are proud to announce that our submission in response to the updated Division of State Architect pre-check compliance has been approved. This pre-check approval means that DSA projects are permitted quicker and more efficiently. 

    In 2017 M Bar C Construction produced over 82 megawatts of solar canopies of which over half were DSA approved structures. The DSA oversees construction projects on California K–12 campuses by providing plan review and approval, and construction oversight of projects, in response to applications from California school and community college districts.

    The pre-check program provides for pre-check approval of the design of a structure in advance of submittal for construction. Through the years, M Bar C Construction has been proud to produce Division of State Architect approved solar shade structures for schools throughout California.

    In August 2018, all previously approved Division of State Architect pre-checks expired and were required to be updated in conformance to the new 2016 California Building Code. M Bar C Construction is proud to have received approval on the first of many pre-check approvals. Stay tuned for future pre-check approval news.

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