How is M Bar C addressing current COVID-19 regulations?
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    As clients, you may be aware of an incident involving a drill-rig that took place on an M Bar C Construction project last week.  This incident resulted in a subcontractor’s employee being transported via ambulance to a hospital for observation and later released. The intent is not to minimize the seriousness of this incident but to make our clients aware of the surrounding facts and actions taken, to mitigate any speculation and false representation of the incident.

    Comprehensive analyses of the incident, including root cause, a safety stand-down and all related paperwork have been conducted by multiple parties that have resulted in some safety program and process improvement.  The root cause of this incident (a failure of a lock-nut on a through-bolt on a hydraulic ram) has to date, never been experienced by this subcontractor or any subcontractor that has been retained by M Bar C on its past projects.  Nevertheless, this root cause has been added to the subcontractor’s Daily Equipment Check-list to be inspected each morning prior to use.

    M Bar C recognizes that you put your faith and trust in our commitment to safety and the health and wellbeing of both our employees and all personnel on our work sites each time you engage us to perform work for you.  As such, I would like to assure you and your clients that this remains our number one priority, our top corporate value and you have our on-going commitment that it will remain so.


    Jason Ianni, President of M Bar C Construction, Inc.