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    Sustainably-driven Discovery Charter replaces rooftop solar system.

    Located in Sylmar, California, Discovery Charter School is a tuition-free preparatory school that bridges the gap between secondary school and higher education. The school’s commitment to sustainability and innovation is reflected in the myriad of energy efficient upgrades that the school has implemented. Discovery Charter School has always been a pioneer of the renewable energy game, having previously installed solar over 20 years ago. Acknowledging the solar expertise of M Bar C Construction, Discovery Charter brought in M Bar C to remove the old system and install a new one housing 126 module solar panels. With the design-build of a new 45 kW solar photovoltaic (PV) rooftop system, Discovery Charter is projected to produce 70,000 kWh annually. Discovery Charter utilized Prop 39 funding, which is an allocation from California’s Clean Energy Jobs Act, to improve energy efficiency in schools. These funds can be used to upgrade to LED lighting, HVAC systems, and for renewable energy systems such as solar photovoltaics.

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