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    When considering solar, protect your budget, end-user, and timeline with these three tips:


    Considering Solar

    The demand for solar carport installers is undoubtedly increasing, and installers are rising to the occasion. Regardless of the seemingly countless possible commercial solar installers available to you, you must select the right installation partner. With over 45 years of experience, M Bar C Construction has installed over 750MW of solar carports nationwide. M Bar C Construction Vice President of Business Development; Erik Krivokopich stated in a recent episode of Solar Power Worlds: Contractors Corner;


    “Solar’s been here for a long time, and it’s going to be around a lot longer. M Bar C Construction had to keep practicing and making things right. Our clients continue to change — what used to be a niche market has become an actual trade where the specifications are created. There are now clear expectations that are set for the construction industry, specifically with our trade, that make us better, and M Bar C was a part of writing those expectations.”

    As more solar incentives (ITC) become available and state mandates increase for renewable energy requirements, the demand for innovative solar installations is rising. With that, solar carports have become an obvious solution, and M Bar C Construction is proud to be the industry leader for carport installation. Unfortunately, through the years, we’ve witnessed the costly negative impacts others have experienced when selecting the wrong carport installer. As you search for the ideal solar installation solution provider, consider the following three tips:

    1. Before proceeding with a roof-top solar system, consider the actual integrity of the roof.

    • When was the roof in consideration last inspected?
    • Are there special considerations such as ventilation that limit roof usage?
    • Will the roof require expensive repair before installing a rooftop system?

    Solar carport installations serve users in multiple facets. Obviously, solar carport installations provide renewable energy for the correlated facilities, but compared to alternative solar installations, solar carports require a fraction of the footprint that other systems require. Solar carports maximize solar output while still allowing users and facilities to utilize the valuable space underneath solar carports for necessary parking.

    Rooftop systems often require substantial roof repairs and upgrades necessary for a rooftop solar system to be installed. As solar carports prove to be a valuable and effective renewable energy solution, states such as Massachusetts offer incentives for solar canopies versus rooftop or ground mount installations.

    2. Ask possible installers the right questions.

    • Will the installation provider sub out installation? Or will their company employees be responsible forCarport Installation Field Crew the installation?
    • Does the installation provider have a reputable history of successful installations?
    • Can the installation provider ensure project support is provided in-house with easily accessible team members?

    When considering solar carport installation, installers should address all aspects of the project installation and overall goals, from site environmental demands and state structural regulations to the end-users expectations regarding timelines to aesthetics to solar output goals. Cookie-cutter carport kits with low-quality materials installed by unknown crews are not effective carport solutions, often resulting in increased costs and inefficient structures. Partnering with a carport installer that will consider all aspects of your specific carport solution is imperative to a carport installation’s success.

    3. Be sure you are getting the solution you need.

    • What structure specifics have been created with site location and all known wind, seismic, snow, and geotechnical engineering requirements in mind?
    • What timeline is realistic for project completion?
    • What information or document submissions are required to meet timeline requirements?
    • Has the potential installation provider offered you preconstruction support, ensuring the best possible value for the investment?

    M Bar C has mastered the art of creating carport installations specific to the site and environmental demands while ensuring structure value and efficiency. For example, M Bar C offers an additional layer of customization through preconstruction support. Preconstruction specialists configure every detail of an installation to provide value-driven solutions, increase installation efficiency, reduce overall costs, ensure maximum structure output, all while considering site-specific demands. With installations across the nation, M Bar C Construction tailors carport installations to meet every demand, from seismic customizations to wind and snow requirements.

    It’s imperative that solar carport developers, and those seeking to incorporate solar carports into their facility, protect themselves by considering solar installers with a proven track record. M Bar C Construction Director of Strategic Accounts, Neil Bradley explained,

    “M Bar C has seen competition come and go. Over the years, I’ve heard countless stories where people have been burned by carport installers that couldn’t deliver on their promises. Thus, it is important to ask around and find an installer that will partner with you from the start of the project to the very end. Many of our clients have been working with us for decades; because they know we lead the industry in safety practices while installing the highest quality structures. Our clients can trust that we are committed to providing superior carport installations and that when it’s all said and done, M Bar C was there from the very beginning, and we are still here, ready and willing to support in any way we can.”