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    M Bar C Construction is thrilled to be named one of The Best Commercial Solar Contractors in the United States! General Contractors Magazine has released their list of the top 25 Solar Contractors in the US and we are honored to be acknowledged within the top ten. With over 400 megawatts of energy installed and over 5 million square feet of steel structures nationwide, M Bar C is proud to be recognized as one of the most respected solar firms within the United States.

    Our Renewables division was born out of the desire to create solar structures that provide a sustainable energy solution for our clients where they are at today, and where they are headed tomorrow. We are proud to be one of the select companies in the nation to provide awarded design and install services for solar carports and shade structures, ground mounts and rooftop solar.  M Bar C Constructions success is widely credited to our long-term growth, focused and determined leadership, and our never-ending drive to partner with our clients from the start of their project to the very end, bringing a better future into our tomorrow.

    Thank you General Contractors Magazine, for honoring the team at M Bar C Construction by including us within your prestigious “The Best Commercial Solar Contractors in the Us” list.

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