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    Proud partner to the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation

    February is “American Heart Month”; a month dedicated to encouraging and reminding everyone to incorporate heart-healthy practices into their daily lives in the effort to better protect themselves and their families from Heart Disease. Heart Disease kills approximately 610,000 people a year and roughly 1 in 4 deaths can be attributed to Heart Disease.

    Knowing the negative impact of heart disease and cardiac arrest has, M Bar C Construction has always been a passionate and adamant advocate for heart health and early heart screening. We have been a proud partner to the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation which functions with the mission of utilizing education, awareness, and screenings in the effort of protecting young hearts. With the support of M Bar C Construction, their foundation has provided 96 lifesaving AED’s for San Diego County schools and recreation areas. Not only does the Save a Life Foundation help provide AED’s they also provide free heart screenings for teenagers throughout Southern California. The Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation has screened approximately 30,815 teens. Their free heart screening services have discovered 487 cardiac abnormalities, abnormalities that likely would have gone unnoticed only until a possibly fatal episode.

    M Bar C Construction has been honored to help The Save a Life Foundation provide various free screenings throughout the county. Through our partnership, and education from the Eric Paredes The Save a Life Foundation, our own staff has taken life-saving strides by becoming more aware of their own heart health by participating in preventative heart screenings. The stories speaking to the necessity of heart health ring true within the halls of our own office building. With these experiences, our passion for protecting and educating our youth and their families on heart health has only grown more intense and more purpose driven. This month, we are proud to stand with and support our partners at The Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation as we encourage everyone to take the steps necessary in caring for all hearts. Get your teen screened. Find a free heart screening event at