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    In 2019, M Bar C Construction carports not only spanned across the nation, but they also broke solar carport records.

    2019 proved to be a record-setting year for M Bar C Construction. From the Honolulu International Airport to Cape Cod Transit Center, our solar carport structures took on the nation. As we move into 2020, we can’t help ourselves from feeling a little nostalgic. Here are just a couple of examples of what made 2019, one of our best years yet.

    2019 Project Highlights

    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

    Based in Vallejo, California, the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom project allowed our M Bar C team to build a solar carport at one of our all-time favorite amusement parks. Additionally, it gave us the opportunity to partner with our friends at Borrego Solar in building one of the largest solar carport structures on the West Coast. This 7.5-megawatt solar carport consists of 348 columns and will be responsible for providing 80 percent of Six Flag Discovery Kingdom’s power. This solar carport structure will provide a powerful example of the park’s commitment to sustainability, for years to come.

    Discovery Kingdom
    Cape Cod Hyannis Trasport Center

    2019 ushered M Bar C Construction into the East Coast with the installation of the Cape Cod Hyannis Transport Center solar carport. This project was completed by M Bar C in April of 2019. This 360kW system is responsible for the reduction of the facilities’ carbon footprint energy demand by 93 percent. Three canopies provide solar energy, increased lighting, covered parking and protected walkways for Cape Cod commuters.

    Cape Cod
    Clif Bar & Company

    Our teams packed up and traveled to Twin Falls, Idaho, to join Borrego Solar for the installation of the Clif Bar Baking Company solar carport system. In 2019 Clif Bar made monumental strides towards sustainability with the development of a 5-acre solar system totaling 2 mW. This impressive system is expected to generate an annual equivalent of the solar power needed to run 280 homes for a year!

    Clif Bar

    2019 Community Highlights

    The installation of M Bar C structures across the nation is a driving force for M Bar C teams. Yet, it isn’t the only thing that keeps us moving. In 2019 M Bar C Construction continued our ongoing support of the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation. Throughout the year we partnered with the organization in donating 21 AED’s to Southern California Schools. In 2020, M Bar C is slated to continue our partnership with the Eric Paredes Save a Life Foundation by donating an additional 25 lifesaving AED’s to local schools.

    Closing out the year, M Bar C Construction staff personally took responsibility for purchasing gifts for 6 local Marine families. Every year, the individuals of M Bar C rise to the occasion in supporting military families by making the holidays a bit easier. M Bar C staff members band together by purchasing gifts from provided “wish lists” for selected local military families. Kelsey Webster, Marketing Coordinator shared “Gift drop off was a blast! Together, we had the chance to bless well-deserving families with Christmas gifts. Understanding the sacrifices they make every day, it was truly an honor to have the opportunity to do something for them.”