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    We are thrilled to be recognized by Solar Power World as a 2018 Top Solar Contractor!

    As a 2018 Top Solar Contractor, M Bar C Construction proudly installed over 81.85 megawatts throughout approximately 170 projects reaching as far as 2,500 miles throughout the United States. Because of our commitment to efficient and quality solar projects, M Bar C Construction has been recognized in not just one category but in four 2018 catagories. Congratulations M Bar C Construction team and thank you for your dedication and for your constant drive to always go above and beyond! Thank you, Solar Power World, for acknowledging all the hard work that we have accomplished.

    M Bar C Constructions significant growth and development can be noted within our Solar Power World Contractor Profile, which shares our past ranking history.

    To learn more about our ranking and catagory details, check out the links below.