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    M Bar C Construction’s Versa-Canopy PC was approved August 4, 2015 at the San Diego office of the Division of the State Architect. The Versa-Canopy is an all-steel system that can be configured as a single slope lunch shelter, a gable lunch shelter, or as a walkway cover. It is available in 14’ and 18’ max widths and can be used as a pickup and drop off shelter, a bus shelter, or dugout or bleacher covers.

    A PC (Plan Check) from the DSA allows M Bar C to build the Versa-Canopy at almost any school site in California without going through the lengthy standard approval process. The typical PC process allows the district’s architect to submit M Bar C’s PC Drawings over-the-counter at the regional DSA office and get the project approved in a single day. Custom engineering is required for sites with snow-loads over 20 pounds or ultra-high winds.

    More DSA PC-approved Products are under development. The Play-Canopy (max span 32’); the Multi-Purpose Canopy (max span 40’); and the Gym-Canopy (max span 66’) PC’s are anticipated to be approved in January of 2016.

    For more information please contact Greg Jones.