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    Family is our number one value. Jobsite safety is our highest priority.

    At M Bar C Construction, we have always held jobsite safety as our highest priority, ensuring our workers go home safe to their families every day. Learn more about our safety practices with Mike Prescott, Director of Safety and Quality Control and M Bar C employee for over thirty years.

    From the field to quality control and conducting research, Mike has seen almost everything that could occur on and off the construction site. At M Bar C, safety is our number one priority and as a company we strive to bring our employees and others working on our job-sites home safe to their families. Mike coordinates with our partner, SMART Safety Group, to conduct daily safety meetings and job-site safety audits each month. Mike, along with the executives at M Bar C, conduct monthly safety meetings to discuss incident prevention, safety procedures, and any actions towards improving the overall safety whether it be on the construction site or in the office.

    Coming Soon: Company Wide Jobsite Safety Stand-Down

    In January, M Bar C Construction will be conducting its annual company-wide Safety Stand Down, in which all employees of M Bar C will be trained in proper safety practices and procedures. This week-long training session will focus on training our field employees on construction practices, as well as, safety procedures. Mike, Smart Safety and superintendents will conduct courses on topics, such as, elevations, layouts, proper rigging techniques, and procedures for incident forms. Additionally, there will be CPR recertification and paperwork procedures for new hires. Education is an important means to achieve our safety goals and by providing these courses, not only are our employees able to take proper and decisive action, it encourages bonding among our staff.

    Mike Prescott not only oversees the safety at M Bar C but he also manages our quality control and research and development department. Since 2008, he has been conducting research and development on new carport designs and improving building standards to maintain high quality products. As the company continues to grow, we strive to maintain safety and quality standards on all our projects. With the majority of our monthly audits scoring in the 90-100% range, we are proud of our employees’ continued dedication to upholding the high safety standards and practices that our clients expect and respect us for. As a family oriented company, our priority is to ensure the safety of our employees, customers and vendors so at the end of the day all can return home safely to their families.

    What can I do now? 

    You can learn more about our safety practices on our Safety Profile Page as well as watch the video below with Mike Prescott. When you are done reading and watching, feel free to email us about jobsite safety on our next project with you.