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    M Bar C Construction partners with FAA Miramar Tracon to become the greenest federal building in Southern California.

    Learn more about how M Bar C Construction partnered with FAA Miramar TRACON, the world’s busiest Tracon to become, “The most energy-efficient federal building in the Southern California region.” Not only are they the greenest federal building in Southern California, but they are also saving over $50,000 a month on energy costs.

    This project represents over 930 kW spanning across 6 carports compiled of 2,863 SunPower 327w modules. Josh Weddington, Southern California TRACON Environmental Systems Manager explained; “Our tenants are happy, they have new LED lighting, cooling for the facilities…and they feel like they are apart of something bigger. They are the greenest federal building in southern California, and that’s something you can hang your hat on.”

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