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    3.4 Megawatts

    Milpitas Unified School District completed a 19-site, district-wide solar and energy efficiency project designed to supply 75 percent of the district’s total annual electricity needs through solar energy.

    The 3.4-megawatt solar parking canopies and shade structures generate 100 percent of the district’s power during the summer months when California’s peak-demand electricity needs are greatest.

    The program benefits the district and school community in several ways:

    Reduced Energy Costs – The program is designed to reduce the district’s energy costs by more than 22 percent and save the district’s general fund $12 million over the life of the solar project, while providing budget predictability through known energy costs.

    Solar Energy – The solar project will reduce the district’s purchase of utility power, which in turn will reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 23,600 metric tons, equivalent to planting 270 acres of trees.

    Education Programs – The project provides learning opportunities for students by having the solar panels on site as well as a kiosk that provides information about the energy the panels generate and the energy management software.

    Shade – The new solar-paneled structures provide shade for cars and people.