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    The SOLAR F.I.T. SYSTEM is a simple, flexible and intelligent solution for installers of large PV systems.


    The SOLAR F.I.T. SYSTEM (Fast Install Track) provides significant advantages in the field and on your bottom line. Specifying F.I.T. on your next job allows you to reduce panel install labor and complete the project much faster. F.I.T. also helps you solve OSHA compliance issues.


    F.I.T’s innovative design allows PV panels to be installed from below, drastically reducing panel install and layout times.


    F.I.T eliminates many OSHA safety concerns associated with typical top-mount systems.


    F.I.T significantly cuts panel installation time. F.I.T. accommodates any size PV panel*. PV panels can be installed landscape or portrait (portrait orientation can reduce purlin (material cost by up to 40%).


    No need to remove entire arrays to get to one panel. F.I.T.’s unique concept allows for easy system maintenance. Any PV panels can be removed and replaced in just minutes.

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