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    Pulse Millenia Apartments installed a 287 kW Solar. Photovoltaic (PV) Carport system on their community parking garage.


    Pulse Millenia Apartments

    In 2016, Pulse Millenia Apartments became a recognized housing solution for the rapidly growing community of Chula Vista, California. Offering 1, 2, and 3 bedroom options, Pulse Millenia Apartments provides amenity-packed living options for Southern San Diego County Residents.

    Pulse Millenia Apartments, a Fairfield Residential community, operates within the Living Green program. This Fairfield Residential Living Green Program provides residents with energy-efficient and sustainability-focused living opportunities within communities such as Pulse Millenia.

    M Bar C Construction designed and installed the 287 kW Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Carport system atop the community parking garage. Due to the facilities’ design and layout, Pulse Millenia developers sought out M Bar C’s long-standing expertise in installing the system due to the precise coordination required for the installation. With 40,000 pounds of steel required for the carport installation, M Bar C crews intricately navigated structure materials on top of a parking structure per the limited space between the two apartment buildings.

    Pulse Millenia Apartments

    Dersch Design & Engineering partnered with M Bar C Construction in the lighting systems within the solar carport installation, ensuring that all installed lighting systems were Title 24 compliant.

    The Pulse Millenia carport installation was designed to produce 437,402 kWh annually. The solar production was split between the two buildings so both buildings could benefit from energy savings.

    This project took advantage of California Energy Commission’s New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) program. The NSHP provides financial incentives, encouraging new energy-efficient solar homes that save homeowners money on their electric bills and protect the environment.

    In 2016, Pulse Millenia Apartments was presented with the Ribbons & Shovel Award, recognizing the apartment complex as an outstanding project, crediting the facility with helping improve and enhance the appearance and appeal of Chula Vista, CA.